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25th Jan 2020, 8:17 AM in Monsters - Predators
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Threat – B

General information and physiology
Terrordons are large flying reptiles twice the size of a regular human, armed with powerful razon-sharp beak and strong, two-finger paws. Despite the large size, Terrordons are masters of silent flight and aerial hunt. Maneuvering between trees and cliffs, they can appear out of nowhere and bring instant death to anyone in their path.
Terrordons experience strong discomfort being anywhere near the ground level, what makes them less threatening that they should be. Their primary targets become other flying creatures or those who climb trees or travel across high cliffs. However, this doesn’t mean that Terrordons never attack creatures on the ground.

Area of habitat and diet
Terrordons can’t stand cold weather and can only be met in Southern jungles and highlands of Karandia and surrounding islands. They live in flocks, ruled by a strong alpha, which can be either male or female. Because of their natural hatred of the lower ground, Terrordons create their nests on high cliffs or on tops of mighty trees.

Interaction with humanoids
Terrordons are feared and hated by Southern nations. In their hunts Terrordons cover great distances from their nests. And the longer they seek for a fitting flying prey and failing, the more reckless and hungrier they get. Inevitably, desperate Terrordons would swoop down and grab creatures that walk on the ground. Be it a mammal or a human, makes no difference to them.
Terrordons are especially hated by Fairies, who view these creatures as their natural enemies.
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