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24th Jan 2020, 4:12 PM in Monsters - Predators
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Threat – C

General information and physiology
The scourge of all sailors, Skromp is a slug-like aquatic predator which can be encountered in large numbers along the shores of the continent and islands. The dweller of the sea-floor, unable to swim due to its heavy body. Its face is formed out of multiple short tentacles, used to catch and restrain prey. Circular mouth is armed with sharp teeth and a long, flexible tongue, which can be shot out to catch and pull in prey from the distance.
Most of their life Skromps spend crawling on the bottom of the sea, eating crabs, lobsters, fish, leftovers and corpses of other sea-life. Skromps hate the sun-light, and during sunny days crawl further away into the depths where it can’t reach them. But during cloudy days, and especially during storms they come dangerously close to the shoreline, and even can crawl out of the water and hunt creatures on land. Such change of environment doesn’t affect their speed and deadliness, but they can remain on land only for as long as the rain provides necessary moisturization.

Area of habitat and diet
Skromps are widely spread across the entire continent of Karandia and the surrounding islands, especially in the waters of established sea-routs. Monstrologists suspect that consumption of humanoid flesh acts as an accelerator for their reproduction speed. This theory is unconfirmed, but the number of Skrogs in areas where ship-wrecks happen frequently is significantly higher than anywhere else.

Interaction with humanoids
Among sea-farers Skromps are often called Terrors of the storm. If a ship runs ashore during a storm, the wisest decision for the crew is to abandon it and to flee as far away as they can. The storm is when Skromps approach the closest to the shore and they will swarm the unfortunate ship as soon as it hits the ground.
For a skilled fighter defeating a single Skromp is not a very difficult task, but the issue lies in their overwhelming numbers. Those who are less fortunate to escape in time will be devoured, as well as every bit of food supply on the ship.

The stormy weather somehow stimulates Skrogs’ brains and allows them to ignore the Night-rule for as long as it lasts. During any other weather they follow it strictly.
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