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Threat - A

General information and physiology
Frolags are large, extremely aggressive frog-like predators with long, oddly shaped limbs. They don’t have teeth, so they have to swallow their prey whole. Sharp eyesight helps them to spot the prey from afar, while strong legs and tremendous supply of stamina allow them to chase it for a very long time. This monster does not have any special abilities or tricks - it spots the prey, chases, catches and eats it.
The simplicity of Frolags’ biology is peaked by the fact that they don’t have any kind of nerve system. Meaning that they are unable to feel pain and wouldn’t stop attacking even when gravely wounded. Absence of teeth or claws is fully compensated by the size and sheer stubbornness of this monster. During the chase Frolag uses the only tactic it knows – to grab and to swallow the victim, no matter how much it resists or fights back.

The struggle always ends when the victim reaches the stomach, from where it’s almost impossible to escape. Extra thick inner walls of the stomach are highly resistant to stabs and cuts, and to an extend even resist elemental magic.

Area of habitat and diet
Frolag is a relatively young species, discovered for the first time in 117th century in Western greenlands. Two centuries later this monster could be encountered in Kraf, Ik-sumar and Northern Principalities. At present day Frolags have effectively spread across the entire continent and somehow even reached several surrounding islands.

Frolags are surprisingly insatiable - after swallowing one victim they would immediately go for another, stuffing their belly till the point they can no longer move. And even then they would still attempt to grab anything that comes too close!
They’re not picky in the choice of prey and chase anything that moves. Humanoids, however, hold a special spot in their menu.

Interaction with humanoids
The overall population of Frolags steadily grows, raising numerous red flags in every Karandian nation. According to the most grim predictions of Monstrologists, if this species is not being dealt with within the upcoming centuries, it may pose a real existential threat to all humanoid races.
Of all predatory monsters, Frolags are considered the target of the highest priority. Some nations like Kraf, Kroll, Dornia and Principalities, being the closest to the initial spread of Frolags, have long created special forces entirely dedicated to extermination of this single species.

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