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River tongue
River tongue
15th Oct 2019, 8:43 AM in Monsters - P-type
Author Notes:
Type – P
Threat – E
Gifts of nature – Invigoration, Skin-breathing

General information and physiology
Long, flexible body of this creature is perfectly suited for the life in low-depth waters. The worm has a large gaping mouth and within it a set of long, strong tentacle-like tongues. Similar to other giant worms, river tongue is able to effortlessly stretch its skin when it swallows something large.
Thanks to its skin pattern River tongue easily blends with reed-covered bottom of lakes and rivers. River tongue has no eyes, instead it uses a sonar combined with strong Senergy sense with its effective radius not exceeding 30 meters.

Area of habitat and diet
River tongues can be found in most large lakes and rivers of Karandia. Its population is significantly larger in Southern areas due to warmer climate.
This monster is a predator and feeds on fish and small mammals who approach the water to drink. Its balanced metabolism allows it to eat rarely - once in four-five days.
Senergy serves it as nothing but an alternative nutrition.

Reproduction method
The appearance of male and female River tongues is indistinguishable to a humanoid’s eye, but they are surprisingly responsible and caring parents. Viviparous pregnancy of females lasts for several months until she gives birth to several dozens of children. The young River tongues would remain close to parents for several weeks and may even hide inside their mouths in case of danger. After they grow up to the size when then are able to live on their own, they leave their mother to seek a territory to claim as their own. Most River tongues would become prey to larger predators before reaching maturity. But those that succeed have very few natural enemies.

Hunting method
When it comes to Senergy hunt, River tongue is a rather passive hunter who doesn’t actively seek prey, but is always ready to attack one whenever she approaches its waters. Both male and female River tongues participate in Senergy hunt, with the only exception for females who are pregnant.

Strong, snake-like body allows the monster to swim fast without disturbing the water surface, what allows it to quickly approach the shore and to lash out by opening its maw and shooting out a spray of tentacles. Elastic and strong, they effortlessly coil around the victim's limbs and waist, limiting resistance and preventing escape.
If the victim somehow manages to react fast to avoid the tentacle spray and gains some distance from the water, she may consider herself safe. River tongue never chases prey out of water.

Once the victim is firmly immobilized, the monster opens its maw and swallows her by dragging her inside with the tentacles. Once swallowed, the monster submerges to avoid any disturbances and sometimes even swims away from the spot of initial attack.
Caught into the tight space, the female has little chance to resist the following assault of the tentacles that wrap around her body and stimulate her sensitive zones. Presence of clothes doesn’t hinder the creature much, as its tongues effortlessly sneak in between the seams and folds of clothing. The Skin-breathing gift of nature keeps the female from suffocating while the River tongue becomes her sex prison. For at least next half an hour she would be forced into a series or intense orgasms until either she is completely exhausted or the monster is satiated. When one or the other happens, the monsters spits the woman out and swims away.

Usefulness to humanoids
River tongues are neither considered a menace nor are particularly liked. Despite its astonishing ability to remain unnoticed in the water, hunting it is not a difficult task at all. Unlike many other P-type monster of similar type, like Reedler, River tongue lacks the ability to rationally evaluate danger during its Senergy hunts. This monster doesn’t see any difference between a lone prey and the one surrounded by a group of people, and would attack regardless whenever she’s in range. The moment between lashing out and consuming the victim is when the monster is most vulnerable, and such attacks often become the reasons for the monster’s untimely demise. To use females as bait is the most widely known tactic used by the River tongue hunters.
The skin of River tongues can be used in leatherworking. Special glands within its mouth, responsible for the application of Skin-breathing gift of nature, if extracted and stored correctly, can be used for creation of potions that replicate this effect. This is the one and only reason why anyone would bother hunting this creature.
Meat of River tongue has a horrible taste and is always discarded.
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