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Type – P
Threat – E
Gifts of nature – Invigoration, Skin-breathing

General information and physiology
The appearance of Reedler in deceptive. Seemingly intimidating and dangerous, in reality it’s a slow, soft creature who prefers to avoid conflicts and only moves quickly under threat or during Senergy hunts. Reedler’s skin demands constant moistening, that’s why it can only be found in or nearby large bodies of water. The top half of its body is covered in a mane of thick, long hair.
Reedler’s limbs are represented by two types of tentacles growing in large numbers on its hairless belly. The number of tentacles may vary from creature to creature and even change with age.
Both types of tentacles are indistinguishable at first sight (Image 1) But both hide different types of organs within them.
There are usually up to 2-3 tentacles that contain “Penetrators” (Image 2), which are used for Senergy extraction and typically grow from the middle part of the belly.
The rest of the tentacles contain “Absorbers” (Image 3) – a spray of sensitive tendrils adorned with special receptors that catch and collect microorganisms in the water.
The monster doesn’t have a throat as its maw is not used for feeding. Instead, the stomach is filled up by Absorbers via tiny canals inside the tentacles.
Instead of tongue, the maw contains an extra Penetrator.

Reedler has only one eye on a retractable stem on top of its body. Due to clustered structure the eye can see in all directions at once and has strong Senergy vision. It can detect a potential prey from up to a hundred meters away.

Area of habitat and diet
Reedlers are relatively rare P-type monsters but they can be met anywhere in the world. They inhabit large bodies or water, marshes and rivers with slow flow. This monster can’t survive in salted water.
Reedlers feed exclusively on microorganisms and flora in the water, collected via Absorbers which are exposed whenever the creature remains stationary and doesn’t hunt, even during sleep. The creature is satiated slowly and has to waste most time of the day idly collecting the microorganisms. Skipping meal for longer than an hour may even result in death.
Senergy serves as an alternative, extremely potent nutrition. After successfully consuming it from a single humanoid female, the monster can skip feeding for a several of days, often becoming much more active and adventurous.

Reproduction method
The low population of Reedlers is mostly explained by the rarity of their mating sessions and high mortality of their youth. Reedlers are hermaphrodites but they require a sexual act with another Reedler to trigger pregnancy. In the process both Reedlers become pregnant and in less than a month they would lay several dozens of eggs in the water they inhabit. Reedlers protect these eggs furiously until they hatch. Shortly after hatching, newborn Reedlers can already travel and feed on their own.
Senergy gathered from humanoid females is not a requirement for Reedlers’ reproductively but it indirectly benefits it, offering the monster enough time to travel and gives them better chance to find partners.

Hunting method
Reedlers have an opportunistic approach to Senergy hunts. While they can spot potential victims from a great distance, they sometimes chose not to act if the risk is too high. They never attack females who are not alone and rarely leave water if the victim is far and shows signs of high activity or caution.

Reedler uses different approach to capturing the victim depending on her actions. To jump out of water and grab her when she approaches close enough. Or to slowly sneak up to her when she stops for a rest or takes a nap. These are two most commonly occurring scenarios of Reedler encounters.
Females of any humanoid race fit the Reedlers’ taste. When one is successfully captured, she is bound by tentacles and lifted into the air. Reedler doesn’t bother itself with fully undressing the victim before getting straight to the action, mostly being satisfied with just pulling down her pants.
The head and torso of the female are forced into the creature’s maw, where she will be kept safe from suffocation via the Skin-breathing Gift of nature. Numerous tendrils inside the maw seek exposed skin and upon contact send arousing signals. The penetrator inside the maw serves as an emergency tool in case the female’s other holes are not accessible due to overly-protective clothing. However, regardless if the tentacles managed to expose them or not, the Penetrator will still force its way into her mouth and fuck it throughout the entire act.

The creature itself does not experience any type of sexual pleasure, viewing this act as nothing but an alternative source of feeding.
Reedlers belong to a rare type of P-type monsters who lack any Senergy satiation limit. The encounters with them may last for a prolonged period of time and costs the victim several consequential orgasms. The victim is released only when she is completely wasted, not when the creature is satisfied. In fact, if there would be another humanoid female nearby, the creature will use the opportunity and capture her as well.
The more Senergy Reedler gathers, the longer it may live without the need of traditional feeding.

Usefulness to humanoids
The majority of humanoid societies view Reedlers as one of the most valuable P-type monster of all. In some nations like Principalities, Avora and Ik’sumar, they are protected by law and forbidden to harm. The main reason for this is the astonishing ability of Reedlers to cleanse water they dwell it, similar to Sucker-eels who are also known for this ability. But unlike their little blind brethren, Reedlers produce a much bigger impact in a much shorter period of time.
But even if one would disregard this fact, hunting Reedlers is a fruitless task. Their flesh has a terrible taste and the components of their bodies serve little purpose to alchemists and enchanters.

Fun fact
The famous Eastern spread of Red python basin’s invasive ecosystem that began in 115th century because possible after Dornians began actively hunting all monster in the region. Reedlers were not exception. Now modern Dornians is forced to holds back further spread of the hostile jungle through military force of Light-blade fortress and to this day they refuse to admit that the initial spread became possible due to their own actions.
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