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4th Oct 2019, 5:38 AM in Monsters - P-type
Author Notes:
Type – P
Threat – E-A
Gifts of nature – Invigoration, Wonder-throat, Recharging

General information and physiology
In the circle of monstrologists Glowslimer is universally considered to be the perfect organism. It easily stands out amongst all other monsters with its unique body structure. Glowslimer has neither skin nor skeleton. Its body is formed out of unique substance, called “Purple flesh”, soft on the outside and increasingly harder and compressed on the inside.
Glowslimer has only one vital organ, the Core, which is hidden inside the center of the body, protected by the hardened layer of purple flesh. Non-vital organs are eyes and a large slime gland. Eyes have a fixated location on the outside, while the gland is usually positioned not far from the core. Interestingly, both core and slime gland can change location within the body if the monster wills it, increasing its survivability even more.
The purple flesh has limited shapeshifting abilities. The glowslimer can harden the outer layer of its body to protect itself from physical harm. Also, it can turn the purple flesh into various limbs, such as tentacles, penetrators, spitting tubes and even casting catalysts.

Monstrologists never had a chance to properly study how the purple flesh functions or what it is made of. Whenever a piece of purple flesh is detached from the main body, it quickly dries up and disintegrates. Similar effect is observed with the entire sum of purple flesh when the monster dies.
Even if a chunk of purple flesh is cut off, glowslimer can simply rebuild it with a new portion of purple flesh, taken from deeper, compressed layers within its body. Missing chunks of purple flesh will be slowly re-generated by the core. The only way to kill a Glowslimer is to destroy its core.

Glowslimers are exceptionally intelligent, have great memory and an possess an ability to learn and use magic spells of various schools apart from its natural ability to levitate.

Surprisingly enough, Glowslider does not possess any kind of Senergy tracking.

Area of habitat
Glowlimers’ population is very hard to measure thanks to their elusiveness, but they can be met anywhere in Karandia and even in the Underworld. Usually, they travel alone, but groups of Glowslimers have also been seen.

Reproduction method, diet
Monstrologists don’t know what Glowslimers eat and how they reproduce. While these monsters have a strong fixation of hunting and extraction of Senergy, it is unknown if it plays any nutritious role in their diet.
These monsters seemingly exist outside of food chain and even nature itself. They don’t have any natural enemies and they don’t affect natural balance in any way themselves. It’s not an uncommon belief that these are artificially created creatures or even aliens from a different reality.

Hunting method
Unlike most P-type monsters, Glowslimers are creatures of mood and opportunity first, and the hunger for Senergy second. For a lone humanoid female to encounter a Glowslimer in the wilds doesn’t necessary mean to be attacked by it. On the contrary, some Glowslimers bravely invade camps and settlements and snatch women that catch their interest while they’re surrounded by dangerous, armed people.
The absence of Senergy tracking abilities leads Monstrologists to suspect that Glowslimers choose pick their targets relying purely on personal preference and mood.

Glowslimer’s main method of hunting is quick and sudden attack with use of its biological superiority over the victim. Glowslimers are illusive, patient and daring hunters. They stalk their prey from far distance and fully utilize their natural ability to levitate to approach unnoticed.
Glowslimer’s body produces and stores a fascinating glowing slime, which has very strong effects differing depending on what creature it is applied to. If it gets onto another type of monster or an animal, it would paralyze them for a short period of time, serving as a perfect defensive tool.
It has similar but weaker effect when touches the skin of a male humanoid. Instead of paralysis the victim feels strong weakness and disorientation for a short period of time.
An entirely different effect happens when it gets onto a female – she experiences only light weakness and dizziness but also a strong, near-feverish arousal.
Full effect of Glowslimer’s toxin is felt regardless of how much of it gets into the victim’s skin. A single drop is more than enough. It allows the monster to fearlessly charge into groups of humanoids, spraying the slime at everyone around, using the chaos to snatch the prey and to get away in mere seconds.

Once the victim is captured, the monster would not act until it finds a calm, fitting place where it would not be disturbed. First, the monster removes as much clothing from the victim as possible and lifts her in the air, holding tight with its tentacles.
When the victim is fully prepared for the act, Glowslimer grows a new type of tentacle with cucumber-like organs for tips – penetrator.

Depending on a Glowslimer’s mood, it would penetrate the victim with one or three penetrators at the same time.
Captivity rarely ends with just one orgasm. Continuous application of the glowing slime soothes the muscles and applies the “Recharging” Gift of nature, which shorted the period between victim’s ability to experience orgasms.
Glowslimer can perform this over and over dozens of times, until either the victim is completely exhausted and even the slime doesn’t help her recover, or until the monster is fully satiated with the extracted Senergy. Once that happens Glowslimer releases the victim and escapes.

Usefulness to humanoids
On their own Glowslimers are not hostile to humanoids. They occasionally attack and rape women, but unless provoked, they tend to avoid conflict. Because of the stunning ability of Glowslimers to learn and use magic, they are exceptionally dangerous when provoked, that’s why most people prefer to avoid them and to never act in a hostile way in their presence.
Hunting Glowslimers is a fruitless task. Not only it is needlessly dangerous, but because of the self-destructive capability of purple flesh, there is nothing to be gained from killing this monster.

Only one nation on the continent actively practices Glowslimer hunts as an act of cultural tradition. To track down and to kill a Glowslimer in order to retrieve its core is one of the few most difficult tasks required to fully graduate from the most prestigious schools of White citadel in Halacyn. Existing for several centuries, this tradition led to Glowslimers migrating away from Halacyn. This, however doesn’t stop eager mages from travelling to distant lands in order to find them. To some of the less lucky mages, such tasks may easily take many years, if not decades to complete. Not to mention that in a magical battle Glowslimer often comes out on top.
But such is the nature of mages, who value bravery, patience and perseverance as the greatest of virtues.
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First drawing of Glowslimer

Captured elf ranger

Glowslimer vs Anadel
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