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Type – P
Threat – D
Gifts of nature – Invigoration, Photosynthesis

General information and physiology
Physically strong and reaching 2-2,2m height while standing upright, Horm (Both single and plural) pose a serious threat to anyone who stands in their way. Long strong legs allow them to run almost as fast as horses, although they don’t possess such high stamina and get tired relatively quickly.
Strength, stamina and mood of these creatures fully rely on the weather – the hotter it is, the more active and aggressive they become, while cold and rainy weather turns them lazy and calm. Green skin of Horm not only serves for camouflage but also has photosynthesis ability. Horm spend most of the free time sun-bathing between hunts and other activities.
Horm possess the inferior version of Senergy vision, unable to penetrate solid objects. It’s effective range is limited to approximately 100 meters.

Horm have an unusual anatomy of reproduction organs. They’re not hermaphrodites but they both have penises, hidden in a special section behind cross-like folds that protects them from harm. And while both use them to extract Senergy, only female Horm can bare children. Their vagina entrance is situated closer to the tail and is barely visible.
Apart of this difference, visually, male and female Horm are absolutely indistinguishable.

Area of habitat and diet
Thanks to Horm’s high dependence on warn temperature, they can rarely be met in the Northern regions of Karandia and never in mountain locations. They prefer to inhabit vast prairies, deserts and outskirts of forests, where they always have access to direct sunlight.
Horm form packs from five to ten members, but single Horm are also not a rarity - usually these Horm are survivors of a recently destroyed pack. Surprisingly enough, Horm are not picky when it comes to outsiders and usually accept lone Horm who wander into their territory as their own.
When a Horm pack grows in size larger than 10 mature members, the pack splits in two. The reason for this strict behavior remains unknown.
Horm are omnivorous with a strong leaning into meat diet. They can eat several types of plants, fruit and vegetables, but they mostly resort to such food only after unsuccessful hunts. And while they actively hunt small and medium sized mammals, Horm never eat humanoid meat.

Reproduction method
Horm have no specific mating seasons and can reproduce all year long. They are viviparous with pregnancies lasting for around 4 months. The time of the newborn’s helplessness is minimal – after just 10 minutes of being born, the young horm can walk on its own and on third day already can hunt insects and small mammals.

Hunting method
In both hunting for food and hunting for humanoid females Horm are smart but straightforward predators. They always observe the potential victim from afar and measure risks and chances before making a move. When they grow confident enough, they charge the prey as a pack, surround it and attack all at once.

During attack Horm use their strong hands and head-butts to disarm and restrain the victim. The danger of the encounters comes from the force Horm are ready to use in order to get what they want. The more victim resists, the higher the chance that she would get hurt or even injured.
When Horm hunt for Senergy, they usually take the victim right where they catch her. And if the victim is not alone, any humanoids who do not fit Horm’s interests are either driven away or beaten down until they are no longer a threat. Male, old and young humanoids fit into the latter category.
Horm prefer to take women by one at a time, most often preferring anal penetration. The victim is passed from one member to another and this may repeat from 2 to 4 rounds before the pack is satisfied and the female is left alone.

Usefulness to humanoids
In most nations Horm are barely tolerated but are also not considered a threat high enough to warrant targeted extermination. Occasionally when concentration of Horm packs reaches a certain limit, mercenary groups and even army units are dispatched to cull their population.
The most difficult part is not to track down Horm but to catch them. Thanks to sharp eye-sight and clever measurement of threat, Horm often flee from threatening groups of humanoids long before they have a chance to attack.

Horm skin, when treated properly, has some uses in alchemy and enchanting. The meat is eatable but has a rather bland, uninteresting taste. Most of the time when hunters happen to kill Horm, they flay the monster to collect the hide and leave the rest behind.
Horm are untamable.
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Horm hunt, old Monstrology version

Horm vs Ilany

Horm vs Danica

Hiding from Horm from Reind33rViking and drawn by TheArashi

Horm vs Frasia
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