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Pale watcher
Pale watcher
13th Oct 2019, 5:28 PM in Monsters - P-type
Author Notes:
Type – P
Threat – D
Gifts of nature – Invigoration, Hyper-digestion, Enhanced vision

General information and physiology
Pale watcher is a unique and exceptionally rare flying monster. Its body represents a large flying head with four eyes, each able to see in different direction, a set of six tentacles and a short tail with the sexual organ hidden within it. All other organs are hidden within the head under protection of a thick skull.
Pal watcher is the undisputed champion among all known monsters in the number of natural spells it owns. Levitation, Night-vision, long-range Senergy vision and Arcanar are active at all times.

Special glowing crystal-based formations on the tips of each tentacle serve double function. If the monster hits a living creature with it, the organ sends ripples into the victim’s Energy pool, disrupting the flow of Ethereal energy and thus preventing effective spell casting (This effect resembles localized version of Anti-magic zone spell). This is a short-lasting effect, but continuous application increases its effectiveness and prolongs it.
Second, the tips of the tentacles serve the monster as casting catalysts for several simple offensive and defensive spells, such as arcane blast, arcane explosion and barriers. Pale watcher can only cast one such spell at a time, but it can do it with any of its tentacle.

Area of habitat and diet
The absolute majority of Pale watcher encounters take place in the Underworld. However, sometimes these creatures can also be met on the surface, where they appear for reason only known to them. While on the surface, Pale watchers are active only during dark hours of the day. This is simply explained by increased sensitivity of their eyes to sunlight. Excessive illumination is Pale watcher’s greatest weakness. Bright light can easily blind and render it helpless.
Little is known about the diet of Pale watchers, but judging by their physiology and sharp teeth, they’re supposed to be predators. It is unknown if they ever eat humanoids… but only because there have never been testimonies confirming that.
One of the most interesting facts about Pale watcher’s physiology is that they don’t have digestive system and only a stomach. Instead, they fully utilize the function of Hyper-digestion Gift of nature, which breaks the food into nutrients fully, leaving no waste at all.

Reproduction method
Male and female Pale watchers are indistinguishable at first sight. They reproduce rarely and lay eggs only in the hard-to-reach corners of the Underworld.

Hunting method
Both male and female Pale watchers participate in the Senergy hunt but they are only interested in one particular prey – humanoid females who possess potent Energy pool. In other words – they only hunt mages and races that have strong affinity to magic, such as elves, fairies and dryads. The monster does not actively seek such encounters but once there is a chance, they would always use it.

When a fitting prey is spotted, Pale watcher uses its rich arsenal of spells to close the distance and to lash her with its tentacles. One-two successful lashes are usually enough to render her unable to cast. And since most mages tend to neglect mastering physical weapons or martial arts, at this point they becomes helpless before the mighty Pale watcher.
The monster then captures the prey with its tentacles and rids the sensitive areas of any clothes. The process of Senergy extraction is different for male and female Pale watchers. Male monster uses penis to penetrate the victim while holding her suspended in the air or pinned to a surface.
Female Pale watcher uses a different method – instead of penetrating the victim, it attaches the tips of its tentacles to the victim’s skin and folds around the most sensitive zones and begins producing strong arousing impulses until the needed effect is reached.
Encounters with Pale watchers rarely last longer than four-five minutes – together with Senergy this monster also consumes a portion of Ethereal energy from the prey’s Energy pool. This effect does not damage its potency.

Usefulness to humanoids
Hunting a Pale watcher is a pointless task due to their extreme rarity and dangerous magic abilities, but anyone who manages to kill one may consider themselves blessed with good fortune. Several unique organs responsible for ethereal energy management are highly valuable among mages, alchemists and enchanters. The most valuable part of a Pale watcher’s body are tiny crystals within its tentacle tips.
The Pale watchers are not tamable.

Fun fact
Without a doubt Glowslimer would be considered a stronger mage-monster. But it still needs to learn its spells, unlike Pale watcher, whose magical arsenal consists of only natural spells known from birth.
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