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Bone spider
Bone spider
1st Oct 2019, 5:07 AM in Monsters - P-type
Author Notes:
Type – P
Threat – E
Gifts of nature – Invigoration, Rubber belly, Recharging

General information and physiology
Bone spider is one of the smallest P-type monsters, reaching only 40 cm in length. Its body is divided into 3 sections. Six strong legs are connected to the middle section and allow the monster to run fast, to move vertically over any type of terrain and to make high leaps.
The head has a mouth and six eyes on the outside and most vital organs on the inside. The backside of the head contains a special gland that produces and stores sticky liquid that turns into a strong web upon contact with air. The monster can spit it from the mouth at a distance of at least 3 meters. This web is the only real weapon of this monster and it is used for both self-protection and hunting. The spider’s fangs can inject a potent poison which is lethal to small mammals or birds but is harmless to humanoids and larger animal.
The back section only contains reproduction organs and semen glands. This is the most vulnerable part of the body because of the structure of its skin. Covered in short soft fur, it is able to stretch, increasing three times in size.

Web of the Bone spider has a very short effectiveness duration. Once it is exposed to the air, it remains sticky and solid for only five minutes. After that it quickly dries and becomes brittle.

During the mating season Bone spider’s eyes gain the Senergy vision ability. Outside of the mating season this ability remains dormant.

Area of habitat and diet
Bone spiders live in colonies of dozens and hundreds of members and can be met in forests and jungles all around Karandia and surrounding isles. The population is larger in areas around humanoid settlements.
Outside of the mating season members of the colony spread around a large area to collect fruits and to hunt small mammals and birds. They immobilize the prey with the web spit and kill it instantly with poisonous bite before swallowing whole. Thanks to very slow metabolism the spider needs to eat only once in several days.

Reproduction method
All Bone spiders are males and require female mammals and humanoids for reproduction. The eggs collected from such encounters hatch within two weeks and the young spiders are able to hunt for food right away. It takes at least 2 seasons for them to grow up before they can join the egg-hunts with other members of the colony.
While large mammals can biologically serve as egg hosts, the monster always prioritize humanoids. Senergy provides larger harvest of eggs from a single session. The hunt for egg hosts occurs four times a year during the mating season, the only time when this monster is sexually active. In between the mating seasons the back section of the spider slowly accumulates semen, causing it to grow in size.

Hunting method
When a mating season begins Bone spiders from the same colony cease individual activity and band together for the task of breeding. This is the only time when they hunt as one unit and they can utilize different tactics depending on the terrain and what kind of prey they seek.
Those Bone spiders who live in areas void of any humanoid settlements, usually prefer to simply move around together, actively searching for a fitting host. Once it is found, they attack it all at once, using a barrage of web to immobilize it. This method is effective but it often leads to numerous casualties among the spiders, as they become an easy prey to other predators.
Bone spiders around settlements often like to use a different, more passive and careful approach. They sit on trees around pathways often used by humanoids and wait for a female to walk beneath them, occasionally covering the ground with patches of fresh web. When a fitting victim walks below them Bone spiders simply jump on her from above and cover in web. It is even better if the victims steps into one of the web traps, rendering her chances to escape even lower.
Once a victim is caught, spiders surround her and use their fangs to tear apart her clothes. Here the group of spiders splits into 3 groups – defenders, binders and breeders.
Defenders spread around the spot of action and would attack anyone who attempts to interrupt the rest. Binders keep close to the victim and continuously cover her limbs with web to prevent her from resisting or fleeing.
Breeders are the ones who perform the main role – they expose their reproductive organs and penetrate the victim. Usually this role belongs to the spiders who managed to collect the largest amount of semen during previous months. They can be easily detected by the large size of their back section.
Jokingly labeled by monstrologists as “Gang-bang spiders”, Bone spiders love fucking the victim by three at the same time. Their organs are shaped as penises with special bulges that enhance the internal stimulation, perfectly fitting for driving the victim into a series of orgasms in the shortest time.
Once a Bone spider reaches orgasm, it injects its entire load, accumulated during the last three months into the victim and switches duty with one of the binder. When all breeders and binders are done releasing themselves, they switch roles with protectors. This way no member of the hunting party is left unsatisfied.

After about half-an-hour from the first injection, the semen inside the victim turns into numerous eggs. During this period majority of Bone spiders serve the role of protectors while only a few of them begin collecting the eggs. The number of eggs can reach hundreds at this point, what causes the victim’s belly to stretch to a large size. Without the Rubber belly gift of nature this experience could easily be lethal, but gladly the gift’s effect persists until the last egg remains inside.

Extracted eggs are covered in sticky moisture, which glues itself perfectly to the hairy backs of the spiders, allowing each to carry several eggs at a time with minimal loss of maneuverability. Depending on the surrounding situation and possible threats, Bone spiders either gather all the eggs or only a portion of them before retreating and leaving the exhausted victim behind.

Usefulness to humanoids
While most of the time egg hunts take place outdoors, sometimes Bone spiders grow bold enough to use invasion tactic, when they trespass into a settlement and attack victims right in their homes. No walls or height can stop these master climbers.
Because of that only a small circle of people views these creatures as anything but pests. The meat from the spider’s legs has a strong but very specific taste, which is adored by some but despised by others. The web-sack, if extracted carefully without exposure to the air, can be used in numerous alchemical recipes, but can be interchanged by other materials which are comparably easier to get.
Short, soft fur covering the main body of the spider can be used as fancy decoration for furniture and accessories. But because of how thin the outer skin is, it’s very fragile. Only master leatherworkers bother touching this material.
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Bone spiders vs Rasmiel


Bone spiders fan art commissioned by Reind33rviking and drawn by remyart from Hentai Foundry

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