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Dark Strider
Dark Strider
3rd Oct 2019, 7:10 AM in Monsters - P-type
Author Notes:
Type - P
Threat - E
Gifts of nature - Invigoration, Skin-breathing, Recharging

General information and physiology
Dark strider is one of the most well-known Underworld monsters. This strange, mysterious, spore-based creature resembles a floating octopus and can reach the size of up to three meters from the top of its head and to the tips of its tentacles. Its main body is shaped like a ball and is partly hollow on the inside. On its bottom it has a toothless fleshy maw, surrounded by rich bush of strong, flexible tentacles. Number of these tentacles is not fixed and differs from one creature to another. The tips of the tentacles end with a small mouth-like opening used for gathering food.

On the upper side of the main body grow eight tendrils with rounded tips containing by a small crystal-based formation, which produce steady colorful glow. Normally, all eight tendrils produce the same color at the same time with one exception – during the senergy extraction.
Monstrologists believe that the choice of color reflects mood and emotional condition of the monster. While during the senergy extraction the monster experiences such strong emotional strain that its brain simply can’t focus on maintaining consistent color.
Direct sunlight is not deadly to the Dark strider, but it causes irritation to its sensitive outer flesh and can even kill it if the exposure lasts for too long.

Dark striders have numerous natural enemies but they have no effective ways to fight back and at any sight of danger always prefer to gain distance and escape from the threat. The only exception happens during senergy hunt, when the monster is ready to risk its life to get the coveted treat.
Dark strider possesses Senergy sense with a relatively short radius of 10 meters.

Area of habitat and diet
Native to the Underworld’s layer of dark light, Dark striders sometimes find their way to the surface and can settle down there. Any spacious and dark place unreachable to the direct sunlight, such as caves, deep crags and ancient forests can serve it as a fitting home.
Diet of mature Dark strider consists of specific plants, mold and bodies of water full of microorganisms. The maw on the bottom of main body is not used for feeding. Instead, food is absorbed and delivered to the small stomach via thin tunnels within the tentacles.

Reproduction method
Technically Dark striders are mushrooms, and the life of young striders begins when life of a mature one’s ends. Upon its natural or unnatural death, main body of a mature Dark strider turns into a cluster of fertile spores which eventually bursts open, spreading the spores around. Countless spores are absorbed by the soil, forming dozens of little pockets of biomass. With time each such formation turns into roots of a young Dark strider, and on the surface above it appears small rounded mushroom cap on a thick, segmented stem. Within the next two-three months the mushroom reaches maturity. It gains the natural ability to levitate, the stem splits into several young tentacles and the monster can detach itself from the soil, gaining full freedom of movement.
This is also the moment when the tendrils with glowing tips are formed. From that moment and till its death, Dark strider would lead a nomadic life in search of eatable plants and exotic prey.

Hunting method
Dark striders treat senergy as both an alternative, delightful nutrition and as a booster to its reproductive capability. Dark striders don’t specifically go out to hunt humanoid females but they rarely miss a change to snatch one when she appears in their way. During the hunt this monster doesn’t use any unique tricks or methods - it flies over the victim, grabs her with its numerous tentacles and envelopes her into them, maintaining full freedom of its own movement during the senergy extraction.
After making sure the victim no longer resists, her head is forcefully stuffed into the maw, effectively trapping her, while the tentacle mass launches full scale molestation onslaught on the rest of her body, invading both holes with several tentacles at a time. Tentacles of this monster can stretch and squeeze themselves effortlessly under clothes, so the monster rarely bother itself with removing of clothes from the victim.
While inside the main body of the monster, woman’s head is also not left alone and is treated by short inner tentacles.
Dark striders never tend to release their victims early. Either the victim is completely and utterly drained and can physically no longer experience any sexual tension or the monster reaches its own orgasm. When that happens, tentacle involved in the penetration, both inside and outside of the main body, would eject a portion of mucky substance inside the victim. This substance afflicts her with a short-lasting weakness, which is meant to render her harmless for the monster upon release.

If a Dark strider successfully extracts senergy even once, the number of spores it would spawn upon death is tripled.

Lights of the Underworld
The origin of illumination within Underworld is directly tied to the crystals contained within Dark strider’s tendrils. Upon its death, when its main body turns into fertile biomass and the tentacles and tendrils wither away, the glowing crystals remain untouched. These crystals continue to generate weak ethereal charge and would produce faint glow of a specific color for hundreds of years to come.
Millions upon millions of Dark striders who lived and died in the Underworld left behind so many of these crystals that the Layer of dark light can be effortlessly traversed without any source of light.

Unfortunately, these crystals lose their ability to glow under the direct and even indirect sunlight. If exposed to it even for second, the crystal faints and loses the ability to produce the glow for good. This doesn’t happen while the crystals remain within living tendrils, preserved by their outer layer of flesh.
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