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Black bloomer
Black bloomer
1st Oct 2019, 6:43 AM in Monsters - P-type
Author Notes:
Type – P
Threat – E
Gifts of nature – Invigoration

General information and physiology
Black bloomer is widely spread all across Karandia and is well known as the best ambusher among P-type monsters. Its body shape and life style fit perfectly for one particular purpose and its activity leaves a strong positive impact on surrounding environment.

Mature Black bloomers have large, pod-like insectoid bodies, adorned with jaws and ten pairs of small legs. Their bottom is poorly protected but it contains special sensitive membranes for water and nutrient absorption. Sides and back of the monster are protected by thick black chitin with eleven clusters along the spine. The front cluster hides the monster’s eye, which is only used during rare change of location. Other ten clusters hide special transformative organic mass, which can take form of tentacles when the clusters are opened. The tentacles always have the same shape - long, strong and elastic with four petals on top. These tentacles serve as primary hunting weapon and thanks to their organic structure, can be regrown if damaged or chopped off.
All vital organs of this monster are situated on the bottom side of its body, while the top side is occupied by the organic mass and a special blubber. During the wait time black bloomer accumulates special secretion and stores it in this blubber. The longer it waits, the richer the blubber gets and the more “devastating” the effect is going to be when a victim is caught.

Area of habitat and diet
High resistance to heat and cold, paired with the ability to survival longest periods of time without feeding make Black bloomer one of the most resilient and highly adaptable species in Karandia.
These creatures don’t like moving at all - they can lie in wait for victims for weeks, sustaining themselves by absorbing nutrients and water from the soil beneath them. If the area they inhabit is void of any potential prey, they can unburrow themselves and slowly crawl to a different location using their numerous but short legs. During dry seasons they can also help themselves by eating certain types of roots - the only case when their jaws are actually used.
Black bloomers are so good at surviving harsh conditions that they can even be met in deserts.

Hunting method
Black bloomers are the masters of ambush. To remain as unnoticed as possible they don’t settle at the exact spot where they burrow, but move themselves a few meters away underground, making sure that the ground above them appears undamaged. Once settled, the monster can lie waiting for weeks, fully relying on its special seismic sense. Black bloomer can unmistakingly detect what kind of creature is approaching and would only attack one particular creature - a humanoid female.
As soon as the victim approaches too close, ten clusters on the monster’s back open and a spray of tentacles shoots upwards with lighting speed, surprising the victim and leaving her little chance for escape.
During first few seconds of the attack all ten tentacles aim to bind and restrain the victim, while also trying to remove as much clothes from her as possible. When they succeed, one or two of the tentacles open wide their petals and bite the victim, injecting a strong arousing toxin through tiny fangs, which can only retract in this “star” form of petals. The toxin begins working immediately and as side effect numbs the pain from the bite itself.
It doesn’t matter if the rising lust within the victim convinces her to tone down the struggle, the monster proceeds with the next stage. Penetration is performed by the same tentacles, which change the shape of their petals and wrap them backwards, gaining a penis-like shape. The inside skin of the petals is extremely smooth and warm, providing effective sexual stimulation.

Upon forcing the victim to orgasm for the first time, the monster begins unloading the secretion from its special blubber into her through the tentacles, energizing it with the extracted Senergy of the victim. As the energized secretion leaks outside and falls on the ground, it absorbs into it and infuses it with tremendous life energy. Any soil affected by this energized secretion would cause any plants for dozens of meters away to grow larger and at a faster than normal rate. This effect lasts for a few days.

The process repeats several times until either the victim is exhausted or the Black bloomer’s stores secretion runs out. When one or the other happens, the victim is set free while Black bloomer hastily digs deeper to avoid the vengeful wrath and to feast on the enriched nutrients in the energized soil.
Unlike many other P-type monsters, Black bloomers is not interested in Senergy itself, but only seeks to produce the energized secretion.

Usefulness to humanoids
Among P-type monsters Black bloomer is considered one of the most useful and protected. In some nations not only killing but even damaging a wild Black bloomer is considered a crime.
It is not rare for villagers to encourage local girls to actively seek and intentionally throw themselves into the grasp of Black bloomers. While the girls bravely withstand the tentacle onslaught, others collect the leaking energized secretion and store it for future use. This secretion keeps its potency for a very long time and can be used as powerful fertilizer.
More advanced societies even practice domestication of wild Black bloomers, which is actually more difficult than it may first seem. No matter how comfortable and natural conditions are created for them, Black bloomers somehow sense the artificiality of their environment, and cease producing eggs. That’s why Black bloomer farms have to be formed from wild monsters captured and brought in already grown up. Gladly captivity does not discourage them from performing their main purpose. Carefully gathered energized secretion is a highly valuable trade good.
Arousing toxin used by the Black bloomer in the beginning of every encounter can also be gathered and used in production of strong aphrodisiacs.
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