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1st Oct 2019, 8:56 AM in Monsters - P-type
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Type – P
Threat – E
Gifts of nature – Invigoration, Regeneration

General information and physiology
This strange looking monster is a plant around 1-1,2 m height, famous for its ability to blend into surrounding and ambush unsuspecting female victims. The outer layer of the monster is incredibly thick and sturdy, extremely resistant to blunt and piercing damage. The body of Brunt is hollow on this inside with all vulnerable organs and tentacles hidden in the bottom of the plant. Above them grows a special organ adorned with three penis-shaped tentacles. Short legs help brunt to stand and to even move around.
The structure of Brunt’s tissue contains a unique chemical element, which grants this creature an unlimited lifespan.

Area of habitat and diet
Brunts are widely spread across Karandia and are mostly met in forests, swamps and prairies. Shaped like a moss-covered stamp of a fallen tree, this monster spends most of its life simply standing in open areas or near trees, pretending to be an inanimate object. The ability to change color and even mimic patters of earth, plants and tree bark, helps it to blend into its surroundings.
Similar to regular plants brunt feeds on water and nutrients from the soil beneath it with help of special root-like organs. These organs are able to dig deep into the soil while brunt stands still and retract back if it needs to move.
All Brunts possess Senergy sense that works at all times, but its radius is limited to just 6 meters.

Reproduction method
Brunts are genderless and periodically grow seeds on the bottom of their bodies. These seeds detach themselves and dig into the ground, where they will remain for several months and slowly grow in size. Once the body of a mature Brunt is fully formed, it digs its way out on the surface where it’ll remain for the rest of its life.

Hunting method
There is only one way Brunt can capture its desired prey – ambush. Thanks to its stunning ability to blend into environment, it can wait near indefinitely for a female humanoid to pass by. When that happens, the top of its body opens wide and a spray of tentacles shoots in her direction, catching, disarming and immobilizing her. The shooting distance of Brunt’s tentacles does not exceed three meters.
If the victim spots the brunt and walks around it at a distance, the monster sometimes attempts to follow the victim whenever she is not looking at it. This, however rarely works, as the short legs of the monster create quite a lot of noise while moving, and the speed can’t exceed more than 2 km/h.

When a humanoid female is successfully immobilized, the tentacles attempt to undress her as much as possible and pull her ass-first into the opening of the main body. The plant would rape the victim until she reaches at least one orgasm. Once this happens and the Senergy-rich liquids spill onto the inner walls of the main body, the monster absorbs them and weakens its grip for a few minutes. That’s when the victim has the highest chance to escape.
Unlike many other P-type monsters, Brunts get satiated by just one orgasm. However, Brunts rarely inhabit an area alone. Whenever a victim is caught by one, other Brunts in the area catch the scent and move towards their lucky neighbor in hopes of intercepting the victim after its done harvesting her.
There is a very high chance that she will be caught right away and used by another Brunt. The more orgasms she would experience, the harder it will be to escape. Very often encounters with Brunts end up with the victim going through five-six Brunts and left alone only when she is completely exhausted.

Usefulness to humanoids
The hard outer layer of dead Brunt, after being dried and grinded to dust serves as an essential component for the Preservation powder. The penis-like organ and tentacles can be used in cooking and have taste which could be described as a mixture between an onion and a cabbage. The taste itself is rather mild and isn’t popular among higher societies, instead only appearing on plates of poor and middle class.
In some areas, like Inginia and Kraf, exist brunt farms. In the rest of the world Brunts are actively hunted and harvested in the wilds.
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Colorful catch, commissioned by Reind33rviking and drawn by Fumeiji

Brunt vs Blonde, commissioned by Reind33rviking and drawn by Sanvaste
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