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2nd Oct 2019, 8:40 AM in Monsters - P-type
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Type – P/Predator
Threat – B
Gifts of nature – Invigoration, Enhanced vision

General information and physiology
Large and heavy, Cyclopotamus is a unique creature consisting of two separate bodies, each able to act on their own but unable to survive long without each other. The main body is a blind, heavy, slow behemoth with huge toothless mouth. While both bodies have individual heart and brain, only the main body has a stomach.
The main body has inferior spinal brain and lacks any form of intellect. That’s why when the head is detached, the main body can’t perform any rational actions except for instinctive self-defense and consumption of food.
While separated, the main body is especially dangerous and would indiscriminately attack any creature that approaches close. Of all senses it possesses only hearing.

The head serves as the active part of the creature. With help of natural levitation it can fly at high speed and has great maneuverability. On its bottom side the head has two types of tentacles. First raw of small tentacles is used to connect with the main body for the exchange of nutrients and synchronized control. The other set of much longer and stronger tentacles serves as main hunting tool. These tentacles are used to catch prey and feed them to the main body, or to restrain humanoid females for Senergy extraction.
Both main body and head are covered in long, rough hair, thick layer of which serves them as a solid protection from physical attacks and environmental dangers.

The head has one eye, which has a crystal-like structure. Near-indestructible, this eye possesses Senergy vision with an exceptionally long effective radius. Cyclopotamus has arguably the highest Senergy detection capability of all P-type monsters.

Area of habitat and diet
Cyclopotamus is a rather rare monster that can be encountered in Northern and central areas of Karandia. Leading a nomadic life style, it roams through planes and forests of the continent in the endless search for food and prey, never staying in one place for long.
Being a gluttonous predator, it primarily hunts small and medium creatures like birds, mammals, other monsters and even humanoids. Mammals, humanoid children, elderly and males go straight into the stomach, while grown-up females are used for Senergy extraction and are more often than not survive the encounters.

Reproduction method
Cyclopotamus is a hermaphrodite. The head has the male reproduction organ, while the main body has the female one. When two grown-up Cyclopotamuses meet, their heads impregnate each other’s main bodies.
A newborn Cyclopotamus calf has the size of a pony and can travel and hunt on its own after just several months of staying close to the parent.
Senergy serves as an alternative and highly desired source of nutrition. A single Senergy consumption session satiates the monster fully and for a very long time. This is the main reason why female prey is often let go alive.

Hunting method
When the creature spots a fitting prey, the head flies off towards it, catches it with tentacles and carries towards the main body, stuffing it into the giant maw. However when the victim is a humanoid female ripe with Senergy, another scenario plays off. The head would capture and disarm her but would not approach the main body, as even being in the head’s embrace, the prey is not safe from the wrath and hunger of the main body.
Instead, the head finds a safe spot where it would rape the victim for a prolonged period of time to extract and collect Senergy, which would be shared with the main body upon reattachment.

Usefulness to humanoids
The eye of cyclopotamus is considered to be one of the most valuable components for magical staffs and trinkets due to its ability to accumulate and store colossal amount of Arcane energy. The meat of this monster is eatable and is considered a delicacy.
In every nation of Karandia Cyclopotamuses are actively hunted for the purpose of both protection of people and as sources of their precious eye crystals.
Cyclopotamus is untamable.

Fun fact
Even though a single humanoid female's Senergy is enough to fully satiate the monster for long, sometimes the head would still throw her into the main body’s maw after the Senergy extraction is over. This happens when the prey puts up a lot of resistance and manages to wound the tentacles or the body of the head. It’s safe to say that Cyclopotamus is a very vengeful creature.
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