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Omen Hydra
Omen Hydra
10th Aug 2019, 9:18 AM in Peculiar beasts
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Threat – B

General information and physiology
Omen hydra is powerful predator with unique physiology. Three heads growing on the frontal top of its body can move independently and in every possible direction. Each head consists only of muscles and jawbones. Nostrils, eyes and ears are situated on the main body instead.
Interestingly, the jawbones of Omen hydra have no teeth on them. Teeth within the maw and teeth growing on the skin all over the monster’s body, have the same structure and are formed out of hardened fleshy growths. The placement of these growths is different for each individual hydra, and their length and sharpness increase with the monster’s age. These so called ‘Omen teeth’ have no nerves within them and when damaged or forcefully removed, slowly regrow at the same spot.
Omen hydras are very hard to kill. Powerful regeneration allows them to withstand tremendous amount of damage which would kill any other creature of similar size. Even severed heads can be fully restored if given time.
Despite its size and power, Omen hydra has one significant weakness. Due to the sheer weight of its main body and heads it gets tired fast whenever tries to chase a healthy prey at full speed. For this reason Omen hydras prioritize wounded and sickly prey or finding corpses. Smell is its sharpest sense and allows it to catch scent of blood and decay from very far distance.

Area of habitat and diet
This relatively rare monster leads a lone, nomadic lifestyle, encountered in jungles, forests and prairies all across Karandia.
Its diet consists exclusively of meat, fresh or not. Its stomach is resilient to all types of natural poisons and toxins, allowing to consume naturally poisonous creatures and even partly decomposed corpses.
Omen hydras have very few natural enemies, but have a relatively short life-span of only fifteen years.

Reproduction method
Omen hydras don’t have any specific mating periods and usually mate whenever two lone hydras meet in their never-ending adventure. The female hydra gives birth to two, rarely three children at a time after a long pregnancy.
The newly born hydras have the size of a large dog and are capable of hunting and living on their own shortly after birth.

Interaction with humanoids
Omen teeth, when severed and grinded into dust, serve as the main component for very powerful healing potions and painkillers. Considering that each Omen hydra provides a solid supply of these, this monster is often targeted by the more daring types of hunters and mercenaries.
Fighting an Open hydra one on one is terrible idea. A typical Omen hydra hunt involves solid team work or presence of a powerful mage.
Omen hydra’s meat is eatable but has no particular taste and is rather tough to chew.
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