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General information and physiology
Iguafruitus (Both Single and Plural forms are spelled the same) is a small dog-sized lizard that can be met anywhere in Karandia continent, including the surrounding islands. Their skin color may vary from colorful bright to grey and black, depending which area they inhabit. Iguafruitus is a harmless, cowardly creature, who does a great job hiding from sight of larger creatures, always resorting to fleeing if spotted. Short legs and a rather bulky complexion they lack the speed to get away even from an average human, that’s why they have a unique distraction-based escape trick.

Each lizard carries six spheres on their back, which share the color of their skin. Whenever Iguafruitus is chased by someone larger than them, they begin detach and drop these spheres on the ground behind them. The longer the chase goes on, the more spheres are shed. By doing this they become lighter and can run faster, but the main trick is in the spheres themselves.
Inside them lizards carry strong smelling sweet fruits, which emit the scent through the opening in the shell, easily attracting attention of the predators and forcing them to forget about the lizard. These fruits are incredibly tasty and are safe to eat. They are so good in fact, that even the most brutal predators, who hold only meat in their ration, do not skip a chance to eat some of these fruits.
The act of shedding the spheres doesn’t hurt the lizards at all, and it takes only a day to re-grow the missing ones.

Reproduction method
When the time to lay eggs come, Iguafruitus females dig out small holes to hide them in. After they lay up to 7 eggs into the hole, they cover it with soil and leave, never to return again. Once the young Iguafruitus’ hatch and dig their way out, they will survive on their own.

Interaction with humanoids
In civilized world fruits grown on the backs of Iguafruitus are called “Lizard berries” and are considered a delicacy. They’re both incredibly tasty and very hard to get in large amounts. Unfortunately, domesticating Iguafruitus is a very difficult and costly business, because of their complex diet of insects and specific types of wild plants and roots, without which the lizard can survive, but at the cost of severely diminished taste of their fruits. Only in few places on the world, such as Inginia in Karandia, people possess enough resources and dedication to hold fully functioning farms of Iguafruitus.
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