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General information and physiology
Minotons are the natural bullies of Karandia. These hulking beasts the size of a human have disproportionally huge and powerful arms and tiny, weak legs. This makes them highly dangerous in close combat, but also relatively slow and easy to escape from.
Their fur and skin color varies from brown and grey to yellow and pale, while eyes can have a dark red or brown tone. It’s nearly impossible to distinguish their gender.
Despite having a somewhat humanoid body structure, Minotons are animals. They can’t use any kind of tools, can’t be communicated with and are generally considered aggressive, brutish and stupid hooligans. They are territorial and would attack anyone who dares the unseen borders of their lands. But it’s also in their habit to venture far beyond these territories in search of food and enemies to fight.
They have a very strong sense of mob mentality. During their hunts or raids they charge in bravely, roaring and crashing anything in their way, but it takes only a few of their comrades to fall, and the rest would retreat in terror. This and their lack of speed make them less threatening than they could potentially be.

Area of habitat and diet
These beasts mostly populate Northern and Central Karandia. Living in packs of up to 20 members, these creatures are omnivorous, feeling no complications in finding food in any environment they inhabit. The only thing that stops them from spreading further to the South is their intolerance of heat.

Reproduction method
Minotons give birth to usually one, maximum two babies at a time. The calves grow fast and spend most of the time fighting their own brothers and sisters, while parents provide them with food and protection.
Minoton tribes are based on hierarchy of strength. Only the strongest Minoton male and his closest followers have a right to breed with every female in the tribe. The rest have to serve or to become stronger and to fight their way into becoming the worthy few. This can be achieved by outperforming others in hunting and raids, or by simply attacking and defeating one of the tribe leaders’ followers. Or even the leader himself.

Interaction with humanoids
There are no nations in Karandia who even slightly tolerate these creatures. Minotons have a nasty habit to attack small settlements and even towns, where in their fast and sudden raids they use their great strength to crash into houses and storages to steal food and shiny goods. They would also indiscriminately attack anyone who stands in their way. Brutal and powerful strikes of their huge arms often lead to fatalities among the unfortunate residents.
While they can be cruel to humanoids who stand in their way, Minotons do not eat them. Their attacks on settlements are often explained by their adoration of cooked meal, but inability to make it by themselves. But there is also the simple fact that Minotons are violent by nature and adore fighting and causing pain. When there are no humanoids, other beasts or monsters around to fight, they turn on each other, even within their own tribe.

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