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The legend of Kolni
The legend of Kolni
21st Dec 2017, 3:31 PM in Stories
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Author Notes:
Author – Darksh1ne
Location – Principalities, Azmath

“I am so unlucky…” though Sorna, wiping the sweat from her forehead. She stood in the middle of colossal field, surrounded by bust-tall spikes of wheat. The bright sun hanged right over her head, and there was no way to hide from it. The field itself covered several hills and spread in all directions. Judging by its size it could easily accommodate an entire town. Somewhere far in the distance rose several rooftops of barns and storages, and among them stood a four-winged mill.
Sorna frowned as she noticed them standing still – not only it was hot, but also there was no wind at all. The least desirable weather for a field work had to happen today, when she decided to come here to earn some money.
Despite the heat, the place was buzzing with activity. From all sides were coming shuffling and metallic sounds of sickles cutting the wheat. Hundreds of workers came here daily and worked for as long as each of them wanted. The payment came not for work-hours, but for the amount of job they made. Some citizens of Kolni town treated the field work as their regular job, but majority only came here time to time, when needed some quick and easy money. Sorna belonged to the second type. In all fairness, she didn’t like labor like this, but long years of running and hiding, caused by numerous occasions of her breaking the law, left her exhausted. In some twisted way, living a life of a honest, fair person was a vocation to her. Kolni was too peaceful, too mundane to her, yet she felt like she needed a good rest from adventures and schemes. How long would it last? One can only guess.

She turned her head when heard the familiar sound of creaking wheels. A cart, carried by a couple of bulls was slowly making its way through the field. Its duty was to collect rolls of wheat from workers, ridding them from the trouble of carrying it through the entire field. For each roll workers received special tokens which they could later exchange for payment from the task master.
Sorna looked down at her own harvest, four sizeable, tightly tied bundles. “Enough for today” she thought and whistled towards the cart to stop. Together with a dozen of other workers, she loaded her were harvest and received four tiny stone tokens. With them in her pocket she made her way through the field towards the rooftops.
As she walked she felt worse and worse. Her light-beige work dress felt sticky and heavy from the sweat. Her ever-messy black hair, not reaching the shoulders a few centimeters, now felt like wet noodles and were sticking to her forehead and neck. A light white napkin, which was supposed to protect her from the sun felt like a scorching chunk of iron. Oh, how she wanted to get out of all that clothes and to jump into some cool pond. Gladly there was a river not far from the town, and the idea to pay it a visit seemed the most fitting right now.
She stepped inside the barn and felt instant relief, once the annoying sun rays were blocked by the tall roof of the building. Sorna approached a tall man with rich white beard and passed him the stone tokens. Mr. Fisher was great to deal with. Two silver and fifty copper coins laid comfortably into Sorna’s open palm and were quickly sent to where they belong – to her ever-void money pouch.
Sorna then made her way out of the barn and towards the barracks. She left her usual clothes there and planned to change and to follow the plan - to visit the river. There were two ways to barracks from here – by the field’s edge and through storage area. She chose the second, as the space between storages was rather thin, and the height of the buildings provided enough shadow to hide in. But even in such hot day, very few workers liked to use this rout, as it was rather easy to get lost in the labyrinth of wooden walls. Because of this, Sorna often found herself alone in this place. Being an awfully unsocial person, that always pleased her.

After making a turn and walking past an old storage of buckwheat, she suddenly froze, as something caught her sight far ahead. A glimmer… a coin in the grass? She quickly reached the place and picked the object up. Indeed, a silver coin! The heart felt warmer all of a sudden. It wasn’t much at all, but it’s always pleasant to find money, no matter how much! Another glitter at her right. Her green, glowing eyes darted in that direction, and her brow made a light jump – another silver coin! And before she picked it up, she noticed a third one – about ten meters further.

“Someone’s pouch gone bad or…” Her eyes widened at the realization. She already knew what was going on, and this knowledge made her heart beat faster.
“Could this be… him?” She whispered to herself, as if expecting someone to answer. There was no one around, but she already felt as if being watched. A few weeks ago she heard an urban legend about a wicked orc rapist who stalks the outskirts of Kolni. The legend said that he lured his victims to lone, dark corners with coins, then snatched them and raped so hard and so long, that they could not walk for days after.

Sorna smirked at ridiculousness of such idea, but deep inside, she wished it was true. Besides, nothing stopped her from just picking the coins and become a little richer. If the coins were indeed a lure, and there was some local gang set an ambush ahead, they would be in for a nasty surprise. But if the legendary orc rapist truly existed…

The dark elf girl rubbed her chin, seeing all kind of pictures of the lewdest nature flashing before her eyes. She had quite an imagination when it came to sex, and this kind of scenario was one of her favorite. She picked twelve silver coins before reaching a small wooden shack. She couldn’t recall ever visiting this side of the farm, so she had no idea what could be inside. The door, however, was partially opened, and behind it lied one more coin.

“Really? This is way too obvious trap… who would fall for it?” Thought Sorna while pushing the door inwards. The shack happened to be mostly empty and only had a few sacks of animal food in the corner. The other half had a small hip-tall wooden fence with a door, which was for some reason locked by a wire, and the floor behind it was full of hay. This shack clearly served for keeping a small number of domestic birds inside, and by the fresh look of hay, a half-full bowl in the corner, and by the smell, it was just recently occupied by the feathery residents. The birds were gone however, and once Sorna took a peek over the fence, she noticed a small pile of coins right behind it. Her dark lips spread in a wicked grin as it was clear as day the final destination for the trap. In order to get those coins one would have to either unwire the fence-door, which would take a lot of time, or could simply bend over the fence.

Before proceeding, Sorna took a careful look around, trying to spot the predator or at least the spot where he was going to strike from. The only such place was the entrance behind her, as the only window in this shack was too small to get through.

“Oh well, surprise me” thought Sorna and bent over the fence to pick up the coins. Once she did so, a loud creak followed and something heavy landed on her waist, pinning her to the fence. Sorna gasped and instinctively pulled back, but it was too late, as the contraption that trapped her did not budge.

Sorna quickly realized that the attacker must’ve carefully cut one of the planks of wood which formed the wall from the rest, and then simply pushed it inwards from outside, using it like an upper jaw of the trap.
As soon as she reached her hands onto the plank that trapped her, strong male hands grabbed her wrists and in a blink of an eye both of her hands have been tied together at her back. She couldn’t scream either, as a thick roll of tissue has been thrown over her nose and fixated at her lips. The person began pulling it towards her lips, and once she opened her mouth to protest, the tissue got stuck between her teeth. The person made a quick knot on the back side of her head, fixating the improvised gag.

The attacker knew what he was doing and had everything planned perfectly for sure. Everything was happening at lighting speed. She wanted to turn her head and take a peek at who did all this, but failed. As soon as the knot was finished, a hand grabbed her by her hair and pulled back. Sorna growled angrily as it was going too far by now. But she managed to hold herself, when felt his other hand pulling up the skirt of her dress.
Blood rushed to her cheeks and her heart accelerated. The strongest excitement filled her, as she anticipated what was about to happen. The skirt of her dress flew up, landing onto the wooden plank that kept her trapped, exposing her firm, round grey butt to the villain. She rarely wore pants so there were no more obstacles in the way.

For some reason the attacker stopped, and even let her hair go. Sorna used the chance to look back, and was surprised to see a very large orc with a sack on his head, which served him as a mask. The sack was partly transparent, so he could see through it without the need to make holes in it. But Sorna, even with her in-born great vision in the dark, could not distinguish any specific features of the orc’s face. She only knew it was one by the greenish color of his skin.
The reason why the orc stopped his assault was in a strange ring he fished out from a pocket of his dirty worker’s trousers. Sorna quickly realized that the ring was enchanted, but even when he put it on his finger, she couldn’t understand what effect it was supposed to have – nothing seemed to change. The orc made a step back to close the door and returned to his captured prey. He untied laces on his pants and pulled them down, demonstrated his half-erect, quite sizeable green tool to her. Under the thick, long shaft a pair of balls hang in an obscenely stretched sack. As if an executioner who shows his axe to the victim he was about to kill, this orc stood to the side from Sorna’s ass, proudly showing his green club that he intended use. To her confusion and surprise, he even reached for the knot that held the tissue-gag, and pulled it, making it loose. Sorna spat out the tissue and looked at the orc with surprise – why would he endanger himself like this?

“You are not that smart, are you?” she asked him with a mocking tone “Just one scream and workers will beat the shit out of you.”

Instead of answer the orc only produced a strange snort, and stepped behind her. This gesture confused her even more, and a chill ran down her spine when the tip of green cockhead rubbed through folds of her pussy.


Once the tip found the entrance, strong orcish hips launched forth, forcefully sending almost the entire length inside, tearing through tight, unprepared tunnel of the dark elf girl’s pussy. Her eyes widened and she yelped helplessly at sudden presence of foreign object inside of her, and once again instinctively her body tried to get out of bonds. In vein.

The green cock, still gaining size and hardness, began flying in and out at deafening speed. Heavy potato-sized balls slapped at her thighs, his hips collided with her buttocks, sending ripples across her skin.
Sorna felt how the world spun before her eyes, loud claps resonated in her ears. She could not comprehend how this orc acted so reckless, how he was not afraid to cause so much noise and didn’t care if she would scream or not. It felt like she was impaled by hot iron, that her innards coiled into a knot. It was both painful and joyful at the same time. Her cheeks flared, eyes rolled upwards. Her mind was clouded by pure animalistic passion, raging inside her like a sleeping volcano, ready to erupt and kill thousands.
She snapped out, when her hair got grabbed once again and her head was yanked backwards. This made her spine arc back as well, and orc’s other hand made its way under her armpit and grabbed her breast. Harshly his fingers squeezed it, causing her to hiss in pain, as the work-dress she wore had a very rough pattern and felt very uncomfortable when came in hard contact with her skin.

The orc’s massive figure now towered over the short dark elf. His hips worked at steady pace, ramming the heavy flesh club into her pussy. The hand that held her hair, pulled back even more, what cause Sorna to squeal in pain, while his other hand finally stopped groping her breast through cloth, and instead sneaked under it through her hole of her short sleeve. His rough, strong fingers now caressed her tits wildly. They squeezed, rolled her flesh like a dough, pinched and pulled her nipples.
Sorna screamed in pain, when he squeezed her breast way too harshly, and surprisingly it helped – his grip shifted back from too rough, to just rough.
Despite the pain, Sorna felt truly excited. Such was her nature – she loved it rough! She breathed with loud gasps with muffled moans slipping in between. Her eyes rolled backwards and tongue fell out, as the unmistakable sensation of approaching orgasm slowly filled her up.

It felt like the orc was possessed now, and thought about nothing else but fucking. His grunts resembled a wild beast, thrusts became even faster. Muscles of his hips turned iron when Sorna felt a light throbbing on his cock.
But something distracted her. Shadows! Through the tiny holes between the planks of the wall she noticed several shadows approaching. There were people outside, and they were moving towards the door. Her head went dizzy. On one hand she expected to be saved and the orc to be punished… but if they would storm in right now, her approaching orgasm would be ruined!
Yet… nothing happened. The group of people simply passed by, not even asking what was going on. Surely they had to hear the loud claps, groans and moans coming from the shack… then why?

Sudden realization struck Sorna like a lighting. She saw the shadows, but she didn’t hear any steps or words! It was as if the entire world went silent, and only herself and the orc behind her were the only remaining sources of sound.
“The ring!” thought Sorna in panic. “It created a sound barrier around us!” and her thought was confirmed with the orc’s hips slamming her like a hammer, his throbbing cock digging itself through her cervix and hotness of his cum filling her up from inside.

She yelled from sudden pain of such intrusion, but her yell unintentionally morphed into a moan of pleasure, as her own orgasm kicked it just in time. Her body strained, legs trembled and streams of juice ran down her thighs. The orc leaned over her, breathing like a wounded animal and remained like that for some time. Then he pulled out, wiped it with edge of her dress and exhaled with great relief.
Sorna, hanging in her trap by her waist, yelped one last time, when a strong slap left a burning mark on her ass. She looked back only to see a half closed door. The orc was gone.

“Great…” mumbled Sorna, still shaking from orgasmic aftermath “how am I supposed to get out of here now”

Gladly the trap was not that complicated. With some wrist wiggling she managed to loosen the bonds on her hands, and with that she could lift the plank off her waist.

Sorna grinned as she was fixing her dress. In reality, she could get out of the trap any moment, as the orc didn’t tie her fingers properly, so she could easily kill him with one of her devastating spells. But it was something she wanted to experience for a long time. Plus, she got several days-worth of money! The perverted dark elf felt like this day was not so bad after all. Not to mention that the visit to the river was still in her plan!
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