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Taming a horm
Taming a horm
21st Dec 2017, 1:01 PM in Stories
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Author Notes:
Author - Darksh1ne

The following information is an excerpt from the scientific report of monstrologist Markus Iorvan. Full version of the document is stored in the Archive of the Royal scientific society headquarter in Kortas, Tamir, and has the restriction access level Closed-International (Available for all members of RSS of Tamir and similar organizations of other nations. Should not be presented to general public).
Subject of the document – experimentation on methods of domestication of a mature male horm and its behavior observation under various conditions.
Conducted in Tamir, Royal woods.
Experimentation length – Eleven days.
Result – Failure.


Today, on 15th of May 12443 PGC (PostGreatCollapse), I, Marcus Iorvan together with three assistants set off into the Royal woods with a mission to test methods of domestication of grown-up horm. My assistants are:

Lisna Lohard, human female, member of the Royal scientific society, N-ranked monstrologist. My personal assistant, alchemist.

Shia Starsurge, high elf female, member of the Royal scientific society, N-ranked monstrologist, magician. After presenting my ideas to a group of novice monstrologists she was the only one volunteer to assist us in this field study. I did not know her personally until this expedition but she seems to share my enthusiasm to learn to tame monsters.

Julia, human female, citizen of Kortas. A local harlot. One-third of the expedition’s budget went to hire her as our main experimenter. This is not her first time of working for the RSS so she is prepared to what we’re about to do.

Our plan is to capture a healthy mature horm and to apply several experimental methods of influence which, in my theory, should effectively form a bond with the creature and after some training to make it follow our commands. Until now nobody had ever successfully tamed a horm. This type of P-type monster is fully resistant to any forms of domestication even when raised from the infancy. Shattering this belief will be a breakthrough in the world of monstrology!

<Follows a long financial list of budget spent on purchase of tools and equipment needed for the expedition. >

Day 1.
We've reached the Eastern outskirts of the Royal woods – an area with large population of horm packs. The camp is set. The cage I requested should be able to withstand the strength of a mature horm. It is spacious enough for the creature not to feel too uncomfortable. Let this be clean, I don’t feel sympathy to these monsters, but the stable mental condition of the specimen is required for my methods to work.
After a short break we will find and capture our precious horm.

Day 3.
Things are complications. After several attempts to capture a horm we still didn’t succeed. My experience in Royal army of Tamir and Shia’s knowledge of Light magic allowed us to develop a simple strategy. First we find a single or a small group of horm, provoke them to attack us, Shia would blind them with her magic and then I’d knock one horm out with a special club. The rest of the horm are to be driven back by a loud explosive concoction prepared by Lisna.
Unfortunately, first few horm we encountered retreated when we approached too close. Shouting and flailing hands didn’t provoke them at all.
Third time two groups of horm, suspiciously familiar from our previous attempts, formed a temporal alliance and attacked us without any provocation from our side while we were away from the camp. Shia’s magic only managed to temporarily blind a few of them. Lisna’s concoction misfired and did not explode. We’ve been overwhelmed by the superior numbers. I’ve got some beating, but two of my assistances, Lisna and Shia have been sexually assaulted. The women have been raped by every horm in turn for almost an hour while I’ve been pinned down and couldn’t do anything. Not the most pleasing experience…
I am so glad I made Shia to sign a contract before the expedition that neither I nor the scientific society carry any responsibility for such occurrences. I am not worried about Lisna though - we’ve been through similar situations before and she took them with dignity of a true monstrologist.
Ironically Julia has been left behind to tend to dinner in the camp and escaped such troubles.
I suppose we need extra help. The healing tonic soothed the pain but the bruises are still itching.

Day 4.
Today I reached a small village within the Royal woods and hired a professional monster hunter. He asked me not to mention his name in this document. I don’t know why. Hopefully his skills would prove useful to us.

Day 5.
Success! We’ve finally captured a fitting horm! The hunter created a very interesting trap and made one of my assistants to play as bait. Although… it didn’t go as smooth as he said. He promised that Lisna wouldn’t get hurt in the process, but the horm managed to catch and rape her before the hunter’s toxin put the creature to sleep.
I think I should start using Julia more for these kind of occasions. Her cooking abilities are outstanding, that I admit. But this is not the reason why we hired her.
The hunter agreed to stay with us for the duration of the experiments as a guard for an additional payment.

Day 6.
Today I attempted first of the pre-planned methods – hypnosis with the use of special enchanted medallion, my family’s heirloom. This tool is exceptionally strong when used against humanoids and can be used to force people do things they wouldn’t do otherwise. Attempts to hypnotize horm have been conducted before with no positive results, but the strength of my medallion is that it has a much subtler effect - convincing, rather than hypnotizing. I was itching to see how well it would work on horm but the result was surprising – the creature instantly fell asleep.

<Follows detailed explanation of the medallion’s properties and enchantment>

Day 6, Entry 2.
The horm woke up an hour later. I used the chance and attempted to use the medallion several more times with various amplitudes. The result was the same in every case – the horm’s brain shuts down before the medallion’s charm has a chance to affect it.
I do not consider this as a failure, however. This is just one out of many steps in the taming methods I wish to try. The medallion will still play the main role in achieving this goal, but first we need to achieve stability of the monster’s senses during its use.

Day 7.
Today I am going to feed the monster with mind-altering drug, extracted from the pulf mushroom. When consumed by humans and animals this drug accelerates brain functions, preventing the victim from falling asleep. This is one of the components for the famous Sleepless potions. When consumed in raw form it may cause hallucinations and fever. In our case these effects should not hinder our progress – in fact weakened focus should make the creature more vulnerable to the convincing effect of the medallion.
Horm are carnivorous and can eat both raw and cooked meat so I will simply add the drug into a freshly cooked steak that Julia is preparing right now. The smell is divine…

Day 7, Entry 2.
The drugged meal is fed. Beginning observation:

Three minutes after the meal – the horm begins sneezing.

Ten minutes – for already several minutes the horm stares at a specific spot on the ground. Neither I nor anyone else spotted anything unusual there. I assume minor hallucinations are taking place.

Fifteen minutes – the horm turns over and lies on its back, furiously waving its paws and tail on the ground. I am not sure what this is supposed to mean. Sneezing intensifies.

Twenty three minutes – the horm fixates at Shia and watches her wherever she goes. I asked her to hide behind a distant tree, but even then the monster kept staring in her exact direction. The drug could’ve enhanced its natural sexual energy vision. I asked Julia to enter the cage and see what happens.
She did that and even touched the monster. No reaction followed. For reasons unknown the monster is fixated on Shia only. Could this be because she is the only elf among us?
To confirm this theory I asked Lisna to also enter the cage and to provoke the monster. Same result as with Julia, the monster is not interested in either of them. Very unusual.

Twenty five minutes – I convinced Shia to enter the cage. She refused at first, fearing that the monster may become violent, but I reminded her about the code of monstrologists. We should always be ready to risk our health and lives for the sake of science and knowledge. After that didn’t work either I threatened to report about her behavior to superiors, which would surely result in s penalty and possible expulsion from the organization. That worked.

Twenty eight minutes – Shia is inside the cage, taken by the horm from behind. I’ve seem horm raping women before but this is something else… the creature is intensely strained, sweating, grunting and still sneezing. The force and amplitude of penetration is maddeningly fast. The creature seems to be possessed by lust and is driven into frenzy.

Thirty seven minutes – the horm experiences its fifth orgasm. A very unusual behavior for this species, who normally should have a significant recharge period after an ejaculation.
I’ve attempted to use the medallion several times on the horm in the middle of action. Negative result – the creature does not react at anything at all, fully focused on its perverted activity.

Forty six minutes – the horm collapsed after seventh orgasm and seems to be unconscious.

Horm are driven into sexual frenzy after consuming pulf mushroom extract. The reason why it focused only on Shia can be explained by a sexual vision system disorder, caused by the drug. For some reason it shut down sexual vision of human females and instead focused, if not even enhanced on a female elf. This might be an exceptional reaction of this specific horm. Further experimentation on other individual horm with use of different elven ladies is required to say for sure.
Pulf mushrooms can only be found in deep, dark parts of mixed woods, areas where horm do not dwell. This may explain the absence of research of interaction between these two organisms.

Side note – After several minutes of the contact with the horm Shia has begun crying and begging to let her out. We had to put gag on her so she wouldn’t distract us from observing the experiment. I expected the hunter to interfere, since he is not from our circle of interest, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear from him later that he “Highly enjoyed the show”.
Shia’s buttocks have been bruised but it’s nothing the healing balm couldn’t fix.

Day 8.
It’s almost sunset and the horm still did not come back to senses. Examination of its physical condition shows that it lives but is extremely exhausted. My assistant suspects that this state may be fatal.

Side note – heard Julia’s moans coming from the hunter’s tent. I suspect that is the real reason why he is still with us. I don’t mind.

Day 9.
The horm woke up past mid-day. It ate larger than usual portion of meat and its condition is slowly coming back to normal. The effect of the drug seems to be gone and the monster once again reacts to the surrounding. Need to wait for the creature to regain full strength before I attempt the third method, so no experiments today.

Day 10.
Someone has been in the horm’s cage this night. I’ve found new dried stains of its semen all over the ground. Shia, Lisna and Julia deny their involvement. I surely don’t suspect the hunter to be the one. Horm’s genders are indistinguishable at first sight but from what has been observed during its encounter with Shia, we have captured a male.
Homosexual activity between humanoids and horm have never been observed, so I come to the more believable conclusion – one of my female assistants is lying. That’s not professional at all.

Day 11.
Another experiment will happen today. This time I will use the “Nightless helmet”, a popular torturer’s device from Kraf empire. This head-wear has several enchanted crystals installed on the inside. Whenever the person wearing it falls asleep, they produce a light electrical shock, waking them up, thus depraving them of rest for as long as he helmet is on. I had to modify the helmet by removing the forehead section so it would fit the horm’s head.
If my calculations are correct and the device would work on horm the same way it works on humans, we should be able to keep it awake without use of other drugs.

Day 11, entry 2.
The experiment failed sooner than I expected. The medallion sent the creature asleep but the helmet did not wake it up. I come to the conclusion that when horm’s mind is being toyed with, the brain shuts down not only the brain but the nerve system too. We have just confirmed this by trying to poke the creature with a needle in different places of the body – no reaction followed.
As soon as it wakes up I plan to attempt the experiment with sound.

<Follows detailed plan of the sound experiment>

On 26th of May the experiment is cancellation due to emergency factors. The following note is attached in the end of the report and added on 29th of May.

Strange to admit it but the experiment was cancelled by our captive. On the eleventh day, after writing my second entry, the horm woke up and began producing a very strange, frequently repeating sound. The hunter explained that the horm was calling for help and that we should get out. Me and my assistants refused, of course. For some reason Julia left together with the hunter. About five minutes later a large pack of wild horm appeared out of nowhere and stormed out camp, causing great mischief. Yours truly has been beaten once again. Shia and Lisna have been raped. Several horm managed to turn over the cage and free our captive. The horm left the camp and us in ruins.
If the captured horm could do this all along, what did it wait for? Could it be that it enjoyed the stay? After all we’ve been feeding it… May be the pain from needles caused the desire to finally leave. Yet another question is added to the list of mysterious of horm behavior.

I am not going to give up on my experimentations but I need to prepare better for the next time. I will no longer try to capture horm without at least a couple of loyal guards at my side, not some outsiders who flee at the first sight of danger.
I was also saddened to learn that after we returned to the RSS headquarter, Shia wrote a complaint on me and left the organization. My suspicions about her were correct. She lacks discipline and spirit to be a true monstrologist.
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