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Danica's downfall
Danica's downfall
19th Dec 2017, 2:06 PM in Stories
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Author Notes:
Author - Darksh1ne
Character idea - Iralan
Location - Principalities, Zaltara

To lazily lie in bed, to listen to cheerful twittering of birds coming from the outside and to watch tiny embers of dust float in the bright sunlight – the favorite morning chore of Danica Beauchamp. A peaceful beginning of a new day full of excitement, fun and relaxation. A dream-life she enjoyed at its fullest. Only one thing could possible make it even better – a hard cock between her legs. A special morning treat meant to be tasted before breakfast.
The woman raised herself in the bed and sweetly stretched her arms. At the left side of her immense bed stood a small night-table with an elegant metallic bell resting on it. After ringing it, Danica ran her hands through her raven-black, long hair and wiped her eyes. A servant should show up at any moment.
Just one glance at the interior of the room could say much about its owner. Dark-red toned wall-papers and curtains, hand-woven carpets with curious leafy patterns, large toilet table filled with boxes of expensive make-up and jewelry from different corners of Karandia, several large portraits of blond men with slightly idealized muscular builds, a couple of masterfully crafted chairs, a massive wardrobe of dark wood full of revealing dresses and alluring underwear and to the right of her bed piled a stack of dark-red towels.

Danica licked her lips in anticipation of her pre-breakfast treat but as moments passed by, the door did not open and no servants appeared to ask the usual “What is your desire, milady?”
Being annoyed by such fact, Danica rang the bell for the second time. A minute later she rang it the third time – an event unheard in her memory. “Someone is getting whipped today…,” the woman whispered as there was still no reaction and her frustration began to grow. She got out of her bed and angrily marched towards the door to see for herself what could possibly distract her servants from their duty, but before she reached it, the sound of footsteps came from the side of the window. She turned around and ran to it instead. Three floors below on the grassy lawn she spotted her trusty secretary, a man in his forties called Josek. He didn’t notice her at first and was dressed unusually – instead of the typical decorated sleeveless jacket that he always wore within the estate, he had a simple-looking road suit, as if he was ready for a distant adventure. A sizeable backpack carried by him reinforced such impression.
He froze at the spot when he heard the familiar voice from above. Like a thief caught at the act, he raised frightened eyes and gulped nervously – Danica’s exposed heavy breasts rested on the edge of the window, eyes looked hungrily at him and her smile shone like the sun itself.

“You are exactly who I need, Josy, come over here right now!” her voice was sweet but demanding. The man below stood frozen for a moment longer, forcing the mistress of the estate to call him anew “Well? What are you waiting for?”

He sighed in defeat “Yes, milady, on my way”.


When Josek entered the mansion and got to the fourth floor, he stopped right before the door of Danica’s chamber and took off the backpack. His posture and expression spoke of great worry and uncertainty, as if something bothered him to no end and he hesitated to even breathe faster than usual. Still, he managed to regain some bravery and knocked on the door to announce his arrival.
Josek found Danica sitting in the center of the bed in a seductive pose. Even without any make-up she was a rare beauty. Her pronounced, feminine curves could easily drive an unprepared man crazy. Her skin was like a pale soft silk. Large, heavy breasts dared a fortunate witness to try and look away. Her curly hair carelessly embraced her back and shoulders. Her full, plump lips formed an irresistible, kinky smile. A little black mole above them added a certain sense of mystery to her face. And her green eyes, framed by long dark eyelashes resembled magical crystals full of energy and passion.

Despite the grim news Josek carried, he could not resist the feeling of pleasant helplessness before this woman. A light tingling in his pants turned into a cascade of blood pouring into his manhood. After so many years of serving her and pleasing her every sexual fantasy, he could never get used to this. He loved and hated this at the same time. Loved because she was the best woman he has ever had in his life… and hated because this was about to end forever.

Milady, I need to tell you something important…” he has been cut short by an elegant sway of her hand. Danica waved the finger dismissively at him and perked her brow, while her other hand gently slid around her breasts and down her belly “No. First I get my treat, then you can tell… Whatever that is”.
Josek felt like a boulder stuck in his throat. He was about to turn around and flee, as his feelings conflicted within him. The news was vital and had to be told right away, and yet her body was as tempting as ever... Somehow still holding up, he tried again “Milady, this is very important. Better if you listen…”
Her eyes squinted a little and the smile changed slightly. He knew too well that this was a bad sign! She hated when her commands were questioned or delayed, and her fuse was very short. Before she had a chance to display her dissatisfaction, he quickly unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. That was enough to bring her smile back.

Moments later her hips collided with his in a wild passion. He lied on the colossal bed, sinking into the softness of the fabric on one side and into the folds of the best pussy he has ever known on the other. His hands rested onto her immense breasts, fingers eagerly digging into the cloud-like flesh. She looked at him from above with adoration in her eyes while her lips, slightly opened, produced low but sweet moans.
This happened often. Danica was an insatiable slut and could not live a day without fucking at least once. Of course Josek was not the only one to have such honor – she loved variety and was getting bored with the same man way too quickly. Josek was just one of the many in her collection of lovers, who came from noble circles and simple folk alike.
Josek never could last long in such encounters – Danica was too hot and too wild for his humble self. Surprisingly enough, this fact never seemed to bother her too much. Being strict and demanding to her servants in every aspect of daily life, when it came to sex she was much more accepting, never shaming him for his shortcomings.
She moaned and slammed her hips down, swallowing his cock whole as soon as it began to throb. He groaned as he reached his peak and exploded, pumping cum deep inside his beloved mistress. And she would not let him go until every last drop was squeezed out. After that, of course, she ordered him to finger her until she came too.

“Aaaah, just what I needed!” Danica grabbed one of the towers from the pile and wiped herself clean “Now I am ready for breakfast. By the way, did you see the servants on your way here? I hope, for their own sake, they didn’t forget to ready my meal.”

The bad news that Josek successfully forgot about during the wild sex, returned to his mind and spoiled the mood immediately. He could no longer delay the inevitable.

“Milady…” his voice cracked “They left.”


“Your servants, milady. All of them…. They left the estate. Tonight.”

“What do you mean…?” Danica’s smile began to fade. Either she began realizing that something truly serious happened or she thought that Josek was joking. And no one was allowed to joke at Danica Beauchamp’s expense without her permission! But before she spoke again, Josek suddenly exploded.

“I warned you, milady. I told you many times but you never listened! It’s over, you hear me? Over!”

“What is going on? Are you drunk? I thought we discussed this…” she could not believe the tone this man addressing her with. But to her surprise it only went worse from there.

“What I mean… The townsfolk of Etia town wrote a collective letter to New Myros with a huge list of complaints. And Myros answered. They dispatched a special group of warriors who will be here today to arrest you and anyone else still in the estate!”

Danica blinked in shock at Josek “Arrest ME?! And you’re telling this to me only now?”

“I tr…”

“For what crimes? I didn’t commit any crimes!”

“Are you serious?” for a second her naive reaction seemed funny to Josek, but by the look of Danica’s puzzled face, he realized she wasn’t joking. He felt that the time has come to spill some bitter truth before her. “How about we start with you neglecting noblewoman’s duties? In Zaltara nobles have huge privileges, that is true, but with them comes the duty to protect settlements in their possession. Did you know that last two months there was a horm infestation around Etia, the town you are responsible for? You didn’t do a thing about it.”

Danica rolled her eyes and waves her hand dismissively “Absurd! You expect me to raise alarm because of some harmless horse-like lizards?”

“Harmless…? You say that because you never met one in person. Now… how about forty-seven reports of you luring men into the estate for orgies?”

“None has even complained!” If first accusation seemed to Danica as just absurd, this one truly shocked her. Day and night town-folk and guests from afar visited the estate and participated in her parties and celebrations. Meeting naked people having sex on the grass, in the garden, near or even in the pond or the fountains, and of course inside the house – was a usual sight here. Sex was not simply tolerated, unlike in Etia and other towns, but encouraged by the owner! Laughter, moans and cries of ecstasy pleased Danica’s ears day and night, and she could recollect probably two-three times when someone was dissatisfied by her hospitality. Not forty-seven for sure!

“Of course no one did. Because they are afraid of you! Remember that blacksmith Tromak, who you personally whipped to near-death?”

“He called me a whore!” Danica crossed her arms at her massive chest and pouted her lips. Her look screamed of innocent fragility, damaged by the harshness of the vile blacksmith’s insult from several weeks ago.

“That’s because you tried to force him to lay with you… a day after his wife has been raped by a pack of Perreks!”

As if for a brief moment on Danica’s face appeared a hint of guilt, but her pose did not change at all. “Even if I knew about that, that still was an unacceptable thing to say to Me.”

“How about your demands to increase taxation two times for the last year without a valid reason?”

“There was a valid reason…”

“To cover the expenses of all the parties, balls and feasts you can’t live without, right? In the codex of Zaltara that is Not a valid reason!” Josek turned red. His personal battle against the immense monetary losses the family treasury endured during the last two years was indeed brutal. The situation somewhat stabilized after the taxation has been raised, that’s true, but to say that it didn’t anger the town-folk would be an understatement. And guess who they were telling about their dissatisfaction to, often with insults and threats of physical harm? Not to Danica Beauchamp. “To make things even worse you bribed every single guard officer in town...”

Danica would not allow that one to catch her. “That’s called giving presents.” She replied with a proud smile, seeing nothing bad in that.

“How about the time you poisoned Lord Ashworton from Azmath with some magic of yours, when he was guesting here? He was vomiting for three days straight!”

“The one who dared to hit my servant for not bowing to him properly?”

Josek paused his assault and shrugged “Alright… that one was justified. But after that lord Ashworton broke the trade deals established by your father. A lot of people in Etia lost their jobs.”


“And how about…?”

Danica exhaled loudly and splashed her hands in protest “Enough of this! I get it! We are in trouble. Can you fix this?”

The question stunned Josek. As he stared in disbelief at Danica, her brave attempt at calming herself down slowly gave place to anger again. “Answer!” She cried.

“Nothing can be done at this point, milady. You got the attention of the capital and the warriors are on their way. You will not be able to bribe these – in fact, if you try, it will make things even worse. I tried so many times to reason you from doing all those… things, but you never listened. Now, I beg your forgiveness, but I must leave the estate before they arrive, I don’t want to be arrested for things I had no control over.” With these words Josek hastily bowed and opened the door.

“Stop! I command you!” shouted Danica but that didn’t work. The man has already disappeared in the corridor. “W-wait!” she jumped off the bed and followed, catching up with him on the central stairway while he was hastily descending. “You can’t just leave me alone here like this! Josek, damn it!” she shouted at him from above.

He paused and looked up “I am sorry, lady Danica, you must understand… Other servants wanted me to leave with them, without telling you, but I stayed behind to explain the situation to you. I thought it was the right thing to do. I served this family for two decades and after you inherited the estate and lands from your father two years ago… everything just went downhill. Your insatiable appetite for fun and obscenity… I can’t handle it anymore.”

“But what should I do?” her voice gave out notes of panic.

“All I can suggest… is to wait for the warriors and surrender. You will most likely be punished. They will confiscate the estate, in that I don’t doubt. You might be even put to jail, but if you will behave well, it might not be for a long time.”

“This is unacceptable! I can’t go to jail, what are you, mad?”

Instead of answering Josek simply frowned and continued his escape, no longer stopping or looking back no matter how much she called for him. For the first time in her life Danica was completely alone in the mansion. She was still naked, but most importantly very stressed up. Her heart hurt and cold sweat rolled down her cheeks. Simply imagining that she could lose her beloved home, that her loyal servants who she always cared about abandoned her without saying anything, and that she couldn’t possibly buy her way out of this horrible situation – all of that was too hard to believe in!
But no… may be it was just one big mistake? Josek used to drink a lot in his off-duty time, maybe he got something wrong? Could he simply hear some fantasies from another drunk in one of Etia’s taverns, took it as truth and spread among servants, scaring them for no real reason?

It took Danica some time to calm herself down. Just sitting around and grieving would not help the situation, so she had to act. She went into her room and put up a formal dress. No matter what happened, she wanted to know the truth and to clear her name - her plan now was to head into Etia and ask the guard officers, who received so many presents from her in the past. Surely they would disenchant all these ridiculous rumors and by the end of the day all servants will return to the estate! Including Josek, who will get a solid whipping right way!
Inspired by this positive outlook, Danica left her chambers and flew downstairs. Worry still gnawed on her heart, but she was determined as ever to find out the truth. But as she stepped outside her worries gained new strength. From the main entrance of the mansion to the main gate of the estate lied a long, straight road. And there, in the far distance Danica spotted a commotion, a large gathering of people, some of which were dressed in simple clothes but others wore fine plate armor – soldiers of New Myros!

What were they doing there? She made a few steps towards the gate but stopped when she heard a distant voice, coming from one of the knights “Lady Danica Beauchamp? Open the gate, please. We arrived from New Myros on behalf of High council of Zaltara!”

Danica’s eyes widened in horror. She shook her head and walked backwards, unable to force herself to accept the cruel reality. People behind the gate noticed that and raised their voices. She couldn’t figure out what they were saying, but by the tone it was clear that they were very displeased.

“By the law, open the gate NOW!” repeated the knight, this time in a strict, demanding tone, confirming Danica’s grim suspicion.

She ran into the mansion and locked the main door behind her. There she grabbed her head and almost fell on the floor. “Oh no…. no, no, NO! This can’t be happening, I am sleeping!” She cried to herself as her eyes filled with tears. She jumped in fear when heard a loud noise – either invaders began trying to break through the gate or they already succeeded and soon would be here.
Danica stood up and on her shaky legs walked upstairs, to the second floor. From here she could observe the large hall that was the center of the mansion. Four floors, decorated in the most eccentric manner formed balconies around the hall and led into the depths of the mansion via corridors.
Monuments of heroes, portraits of family members and drawings of fascinating landscapes from all around the world, exotic plants in large ceramic jars of masterful work and of course the large, five-meter tall banner with the symbol of the Beauchamp family, hanging right above the main door. Each of these items resonated with Danica’s memories. Childhood days when her parents were still alive and together they collected these things, allowing their daughter to choose where to place each of them. Since those days not a single item has been moved. But today these memories were tainted by dark thought that all of this would now be taken away.


Danica’s heart filled with sudden determination. A cold realization of what had to be done flashed in her mind. The sight of the family emblem reminded her who she was - not just a rich, sex-hungry slut who used her wealth and power to live her life like a dream, but also a proud noble who carried the legacy of her name. Nobles do not lose with tears and fear in their eyes and they do not leave their enemies anything to feast upon.
First Danica returned to her room and collected her favorite small bag that she always used for outdoors adventures. Then from a secret place on the floor she picked a key. After that she made her way back to the central hall, down to the second floor and into a special corridor. This place used to be guarded by her most loyal servants day and night and ended with a door of pure metal. This door could only be opened by this special key Danica kept hidden, as behind it lied a small room full of sacks, chests and lockets – the treasury of her family.

Losing no time Danica began stuffing the bag with golden coins and gems – this enchanted dimensional bag could accept much more than its initial size suggested and did not become as heavy as it should’ve. A perfect tool for someone who was about to escape without leaving anything of worth behind.
A loud banging on wood from somewhere behind signaled to Danica that the main door of the mansion was now besieged. The woman rushed back to the main hall and stopped in front of the stairs, preparing herself for the most difficult part. Trying to pay little attention on the voices and noise downstairs, she took the final glance at her beloved home and raised her hands. Focused. Her knowledge in magical arts was limited and she knew only a few spells but among them was exactly the one needed for the grim task.

One of the knights broke the lock of the main door with a battle axe and the crowd poured inside. But what may have seemed to them as a triumph quickly turned into a crushing disappointment. Instead of lady Beauchamp they found themselves facing orange tongues of flame licking the stairway and balconies of the hall. The mansion was burning from the inside and even the battle-mage from New Myros who accompanied the knights was helpless to stop it.


That day the estate of family Beauchamp burned to the ground and Danica’s fate for a long time remained unknown. Neither her body not her treasures were found among the rubble. Some suspected that she could destroy herself without a trace with some kind of magic. Those, however, who knew Danica personally, refused to believe that she would dare to do something like this. She loved her life too much and probably pulled out some trick to escape unnoticed.
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