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Nara in the dorm
Nara in the dorm
18th Dec 2017, 4:40 PM in Stories
Author Notes:
Author - Darksh1ne
Location - Moon falls magic academy in Tamir

It seemed like the entire world was set ablaze. Feeling herself at home, naked she walked through the endless field of roaring fire. Tongues of flame were licking her skin, yet she felt nothing but pleasant warmth. Millions of embers were carried around by scorching winds, yet she could breathe with ease. Far ahead rose colossal orange hurricanes, spinning with low, terrifying humming. They didn’t interest her. Her eyes were raised up, at the black heavy clouds of smoke and ash, and at what they tried to obscure. The red sky did not have a sun, instead a perfect circle formed of bright fiery lines in shape of a complicated cosmic-sized symbol. She could not and did not want to look away, so tempting it was, so rich with meaning and answers. She didn’t feel time, and yet a feeling was gnawing in the back of her mind that she was running out of it. So it was…

“Hey, lazy Salamandra… wake up!” The girlish voice broke through the smoke and flame, and something soft hit her forehead. Nara opened her eyes and grabbed the pillow that lied on her face, shoved it away and raised herself in her bed. Confused.
There was no flame, no embers and smoke. Instead it was a medium-sized room with three beds close to each other, one large table in the middle, a couple of wardrobes and some other small furniture. Two girls were busily running around, gathering notebooks and scrolls. One of them, cute tall wood elf met Nara’s eyes with words “Well? What are you looking at? Want to be late again? Come on!” The third girl said nothing and just proceeded with her preparations.
Nara’s mind finally adjusted to the physical reality and she jumped out of her bed, joining the two in the morning chaos.


One hour later all three sat in a lecture room with twelve more students in it. It was a history class. Not the most important subject in Nara’s opinion, that’s why she often found herself dreaming during it. This was Nara’s third year in the Academy, the middle of the road. There were still enough of “garbage disciplines”, as she called them, but they all had to be passed in order to reach the best stuff – focused magic specialization study and practice of the fourth and fifth year.

She tried to remember the sky symbol from her dream. Bits and pieces were clear, but the major part eluded her. It was a clossal circle and contained countless symbols, formulas and letters within it, so rich of details, so perfect… yet it was way too complicated for her mind. In Nara’s memory such dreams happened often. Dreams of something burning, be it just an object or everything around her, and in each of these dreams always presented a symbol. When she was just a child, symbols were simple and she could memorize them easily. But the more she grew, the more complicated they got, and for several years she could not remember a single one of them.
This was Nara’s blessing and curse. On one hand the gates of fire magic were wide open. Not only she could easily learn and use existing fire spells, but there was a chance to come up with an entirely new spell, if only she could remember the symbols from her dreams.

But with good sides and potentials of such gift also came life-changing troubles. Parents, fearing young Nara’s combusting nature, abandoned her when she was just a small child. Left her in an orphanage. Troubles didn’t end there as caretakers didn’t know how to solve her problem. Until Anadel appeared and took Nara under her wing. To Nara this light elf became more than just a friend. She was like a sister in the way she respected and protected her, and a mother in the way she cared and guided her. Of course Nara never told Anadel about such feelings. That’s why, perhaps, to this day Anadel does not fully comprehend just how much Nara wants to prove herself to her.

While half-dreaming, half-listening to the lection about some insignificant events in Tamirian history, mechanically writing down facts and dates that would be important during exams, Nara briefly eyed the students in the classroom. Each of them had their own reasons to be here and she respected each of them, no matter how strange they could sound.

There sits Togin Smolniv, a boy who dreams to become a royal arch-mage. He came to this decision after witnessing one of them in action during his childhood. The power of magic impressed him so much that it became his true passion ever since. Faring from a poor family he was doing a very good progress so far and already attracted valuable attention from the professions of the Academy. No matter what kingdom it was, the society of magicians cared little about one’s origin and status. You either can do it, or not. And among those who can, only few do it great.

Past him Dominir Clodhom, looking bored as always. This boy is here for the exact opposite reason – his wealthy parents want him to gain power and recognition for himself and the family through the Academy, while all he wants himself is to be a simple musician. Depending on how you look at it, he is either a spineless push-over or a person with strong sense of duty before his family, following their wishes not because he wants that, but because he must. Not once Nara heard him regretting ever showing his ability to use magic to his parents.

Close to the window sits Nara’s room-mate, Isilda Stormheart, the wood elf girl who woke her up with a pillow. This airhead dreams about one thing only – that which can be found in every boy’s pants. She is here not for magic but for alchemy. Plots to master creation of various love-potions to start a business and for her own use. One would wonder why she needs the help of such potions with her more-than-decent appearance but… unfortunately her spiky attitude is her greatest enemy and already played a rule in numerous untimely break-ups.

The girl right next to her is the second room-mate of Nara. Always silent and barely noticeable short blonde, Jessie Briel. She might just be the most hard-working student of all in this class, but few know the real reason of her dedication. In her six she witnessed her mother and elder sister being raped by monsters and this traumatic experience terrified her to the core. She works hard to master the most powerful protective spells which would help her to never fall prey of any monster. Ironically, this deep-seeded dread of monster is both her greatest motivator and the hardest obstacle in achieving this goal. One day she would have to face her fears and conquer them.

Nara’s own motivation to study magic changed throughout the years. First she only wished to take her fire gift under full control, but after she achieved that, she gained a new one – to become a powerful mage so that she could join Anadel as a trusted companion. To re-pay the light elf for her kindness and care by becoming her equal.


“Hey, Salamandra, have any plans for the evening?” asked Isilda after the lecture was over. She caught Nara in the corridor of the main lecture house. The rest of the group already passed by and made way to the cafeteria for a dinner break. Jessie stopped by them just for a moment, but after hearing Isilda’s question frowned and followed the rest.
Nara noticed that, knowing the blonde’s distaste to Isilda’s amorous adventures, which always involved some form of Academy’s rule-breaking. The elf, however, didn’t even look at Jessie’s side and instead stared Nara down. Her wicked grin told everything without any words – some kind of party in one of the boys’ room with smuggled alcohol and a lot of obscenity.
“Yet another attempt to convince me to sneak out with you? You know my stance on this, Isilda. I don’t want to risk being expelled for some short fun.”
“Oh, not this time, we’re not sneaking out anywhere…” Isilda’s hand went around Nara and landed on her shoulder while her face approached deadly close and her red lips whispered “This time I expect a visit to our room instead.”
Nara’s eyes widened and she stared at the elf in shock “What?!” she almost shouted but instantly got shushed by the over-adventurous room-mate. That attracted attention of the profession who left the lecture room last, but both girls just waved at him with fake smiles, successfully dispelling any suspicions of blooming misconduct.
As soon as the professor left their field of view, Nara snarled at Isilda “What does it mean, a visit to our room? I am against that!”
“I knew you would say so, but don’t worry, I got this all thought-through. We will hold a small party till eleven, then everyone will be back to their dorms. The boys are at risk here, not us.” Isilda’s smile was almost irresistibly cute, but that was not enough. Two years of living under the same roof with this girl taught Nara to never trust her words fully.
“Exams are soon, I don’t want to be distracted by… by this…” Nara tried to protest, knowing all too well that this was a lost cause. Unfortunately, Isilda Stormheart had a strong case of “All of nothing” attitude. If she decided to do something – not even disaster would stop her from proceeding. On one hand it was a great thing when you needed something from her and she told you she’d do that. But on the other… this situation right here was already out of Nara’s control.
“You know that Juvis from 4-A has an eye on you, right? He will be one of the visitors tonight. I wouldn’t want to just keep everyone for myself, so… here is your chance to lose this pesky virginity of yours!” Isilda’s assault was relentless, and these words have been sealed by her index finger, teasingly pushing into Nara’s nipple.
Nara’s eyes widened even more and cheeks flared with red, but for all the wrong reasons than the elf thought “You mean there will be more than one of them?!”
Isilda nodded.
“No. No-no-no. I am not coming!” Nara shook her head furiously and snaked her way out of the bond. “Did you even think about Jessie? What would she say?”
“She already knows. Said she’d hang out in the library till eleven. If you don’t want to come…” Isilda sighed “…feel free to do the same. This doesn’t happen every day so don’t ruin my fun. And don’t hate me, alright?”
“I don’t hate you” Nara shook her head and made her way towards the cafeteria “We will have a talk about this after though. You can have this one evening, but I don’t want any more illegal interventions into our room in future. Got it?”
Isilda shrugged and followed her. A playful smirk of her lips hinted that the planned conversation might not end the way Nara hoped. Such was Nara’s struggle all throughout these years. Isilda’s wild sex-centered affairs grew bolder and bolder month after month, and yet somehow she managed to avoid any serious punishments. No, she wasn’t perfect in avoiding capture in-the-act. It just so happened that her grand-mother had some obscure connections with the Academy’s elite staff.


The rest of the day passed without any significant complications for Nara. A big Monstrology lection and a couple of shorter ones on Enchanting and Physics, followed by her favorite part – Field magic practice. Two hours of freedom of action in a special yard within the Academy, consisting of numerous walled-off sections with all kind of obstacles and target dummies. Here students could practice offensive spells without fear of destroying property or hurting someone and could expect assistance from teachers right on the spot. Nara fell in love with this place from the first visit a year ago, and anticipated the next year, when majority of classes would take place here.

After all the classes were over, exhausted and tired Nara had a dinner and made her way into the library. Since Isilda took over the room for the entire evening and most likely already began her little party with her friends from the male dorm, it was a perfect opportunity for Nara to kill time on homework and on preparation for the upcoming exams. Upon entering the large library hall, wonderfully decorated and filled with numerous bookshelves, tables, benches and chairs, Nara spotted Jessie in her favorite corner. The blonde girl was reading some thick tome with her usual focus. Nara decided not to disturb her and headed to her own favorite spot of this place, a small cabin with a bench and a small elegant table. Nara loved that place the most for the view through the near-by window – tree tops and a mountainside with numerous waterfalls running among its rocks in far distance. These beautiful waterfalls were the reason for the town’s name, which was built around the famous magic academy.

Enough time has passed. The magic crystals on the library walls were the only sources of light now as the view through the window darkened. The population of the library slowly but steadily began to dwindle. Nara closed her notebook and stretched her arm sweetly, fully enjoying that unique sensation of pleasant tiredness after hard work well done. She peeked from around the bookshelf at the large mechanical clock hanging over the librarian’s desk. It showed exactly 9 o’clock.
“Darn it…” whispered Nara and returned to her previous spot, fell on her bum, feeling herself trapped here against her will. How sweet would be to return back to the room, lie down and just relax. Nara leaned back onto the back of the bench and placed her hands behind her head. Closed her eyes. All she could think about right now were lewd images of Isilda being taken from every possible end at the same time and how nice it would be to not find any stains on her own bed. She drifted away rather quickly. It was a dreamless nap. A short but necessary supply of strength for her weary body.


“Nara… Naaaara” a hand gently nudged her shoulder and the familiar voice brought her back to senses. Nara opened her eyes and saw Jessie, standing on front of her with a tired look and the usual black spots under her eyes. By her face expression it was clear that the girl was in a bad mood. But most importantly, it was dark. The lights of the magic crystals were shut down, what meant that the library was already closed and it was well past eleven at this point – the time after which any movements other than specific area of each dorm was forbidden.
“What time is it?” asked Nara, while hastily wiping her eyes and thinking about explanations of why the librarian didn’t wake her up before leaving. But considering how large the library was and how well her spot was hidden, she wasn’t surprised too much.
“Eleven-forty” replied Jessie in her calm, silent voice. Nara quickly realizing why the blonde was here.
“She… isn’t done yet, I suppose?”
Jessie shook her head “I walked in at eleven and saw…” her face turned red “…things. I somewhat expected that to happen, so I asked other girls if they could accept us for a night. Just in case.”
“Any luck?”
The blonde nodded and pointed over her shoulder “Yes. Come with me if you don’t want to spend the night here.” After Nara nodded and stood up, Jessie offered her a hand “We don’t want to be seen now, so hold tight. I’ll show you something I’ve learnt recently.”

Intrigued, Nara took the blonde girl’s hand and watched her focusing her attention. Jessie’s eyes flared with calm blue glow for a moment – the sign of an arcane spell being activated. A moment later Nara gasped, noticing things behind the girl… while looking right through her. She was surprised even more when realized that her own body was now also under the effect of this spell. It wasn’t full invisibility, but it would surely help to avoid the attention of night attendants. A long trip to the dorm for the two girls lied ahead, but Nara felt surprisingly invigorated by such adventurous turn of events.
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Great story! It is any chance too see in the future room mates of Nara in the picture?
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No promises on that :/
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