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The fate of dwarven slaves
The fate of dwarven slaves
20th Oct 2017, 1:12 PM in Historical events
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Men of their word
Everything that is known about dwarves comes from the testimonies of slaves who managed to return to the surface from the Underworld captivity. An exceptional feat available only to the strongest, most persistent and luckiest of women. But it should be interesting to know that not all of these slaves escaped on their own - some of them have been released by dwarves as part of a deal. That’s right, while dwarves are generally considered as vile and cruel creatures, there is one thing that should not be overlooked – the dwarven honor and the sanctity of a deal.

Roles or slaves
Slaves serve different roles within dwarven cities and such roles are not given out randomly. Upon first arrival all slaves go through an interview and a series of tests. Each slave is given options, and according to their choice, they have to prove if they are able to perform the chosen tasks.
Naturally, every slave would choose the only option that provides a chance of regaining freedom – the so called ‘Racing slave’.
Anyone who chooses this option but fails to prove themselves during the following tests, or those who outright skip this option, are given roles or ‘Sex slave’ or ‘Test subject’.
After the assigned to a role, newly arrived slaves are sent to the salve auction, where they are bought out by the residents of the city. From now on each slave belongs to a particular dwarf, and can be presented passed on to another as a gift or as a trade good.

Sex slaves, Test subjects and Breeders
The role of a sex slave is available to beautiful women who are either too weak or too unskilled to perform as racing slaves. Needless to explain what happens to these slaves on a daily basis. But to be assigned to this role is not an irreversible fate. Throughout their service, sex slaves are provided with space, time and tools for training. Each sex slave may eventually ask for a re-qualification and to attempt to pass the tests for a Racing slave again.

The test subject role is left for children, for elderly and for those who don’t meet specific standards of beauty. Aka, having deformities, too small bust, too flat ass or is simply deemed too unattractive due to specific standards of beauty.
To return from this role, or to survive long within it, is a very difficult task. This role is, in fact, a death sentence. Test subjects are used in all kind of magical, alchemical and psychological experiments and rarely survive for long.
The only test subject who have a chance to escape this role are children, who are sometimes captured by goblins during their raids, and are sold at a significantly lower price. If such children manage to survive long enough and reach maturity, depending of their skills and appearance, they may be re-assigned into one of the previously mentioned roles.

The fourth role, ‘The breeders’ does not exist as an option available for slaves. It’s clear from the name what this role is all about. Slaves of other roles who misbehave or offend their masters, who attempt to escape or are caught sabotaging dwarven property and structures, may be forcefully assigned to this role. They are taken away into unknown sections of the city from where they will never return. Breeders no longer belong to a specific dwarf, but to the city itself. Considering that dwarven semen does not impregnate women the normal way, it is not known how exactly the Breeders are being impregnated. The popular theory involves special enchanting rituals performed on the breeders during insemination. This is believed to be the one and only way dwarves procreate.

Racing slaves. The motivation and the grand prize
Slaves of this role are the most privileged and beloved by the dwarven community. They form the heart of dwarven society, being the source of entertainment and profit. Slaves who have earned this role are used by their masters as participants in various competitions, sport events and shows. Those who manage to come victorious in competitions not only increase their own value but also provide their master with praise, recognition and fame. The fruits of the slave’s success are not go exclusively to the master who owns her. Racing slaves may gain their own fan bases, receive presents and gifts, may be granted extra freedoms, privileges and even access to places restricted to the rest. But all of those things are mere stepping stones on the path towards the main prize – true freedom.
Slaves of different roles are motivated differently. Test subjects and sex slaves are threatened with violent punishments and the demotion to the role of a Breeder if they disobey or don’t perform their duties well.
Racing slaves are motivated by the faint chance of gaining freedom to return to the surface. And to give this prize true value, dwarves are not shy to fulfill their promises and to actually set free the slaves who’ve earned it.
The conditions of freedom are set to each individual racing slave depending on their popularity and the desires of the dwarf who owns the salve. Some are tasked with winning a certain number of matches in a specific or different sport events. Some are praised for the sheer performance and fame, regardless of the placing.
Dwarves operate on the principal that all good things have to end (Except for their own lives and way their society works of course). They adore to see their favorite racing slaves rise to the top and to leave undefeated. For that reason alone the idea of setting the most successful and highly valuable slaves free is so natural within dwarves society. Dwarves hate to see great things degrade and fall out of grace.

Dwarven slug-race
There are many types of games and competitions dwarves organize for slaves to participate in. Some involve fighting monsters, some pitch teams of slaves against each other in various activities, from sexual and innocent to violent and bloody. But one event stands out as the most beloved and the most entertaining of all. The so-called Dwarven slug-race.
Traditionally held at least once a month in every dwarven city, this event gathers attention of the entire population. The day of this race is always a holiday and every dwarf, from young to old, is expected to witness it.

The preparations
Each dwarf can present only one racing slave for participation in this event. The number of participants may vary from a few dozen to a hundred, and if the number of slave-masters exceeds that, the event may be separated into several matches.
All participating girls are stripped naked and delivered to the race entrance. The only way to get into the racetrack is via two lifts - one at the start of the track, the other at the end.
There are several variations of track, each suited for a specific number of participants. Each track is presented as a tunnel with numerous turns, traps and obstacles, customized differently for each race (to minimize the advantage of those slaves who have managed to survive in previous races). Their length can be from 1 km to 5 kms, while the width of the tunnels may vary from wide to thin within the same track.

The main obstacle of each race, however, is presented by an addition of Underworld slugs, a sub-species related to the Carniworms from the surface who only dwells in the underworld. These slugs are known for their incredible breeding and growth speed. The eggs of these slugs are carefully delivered onto the track by servants exactly one day before the race begins. They are spread on the floor all along the track length, where the concentration of eggs increases closer to the finish line.
The eggs hatch within a few hours, and young slugs spread all around the tunnel, searching for food. Usually a large number of small mammals, mostly rats, are also left within the tunnel to ensure the presence of at least some slug matriarchs.

The race
Rules of the race are simple - the racing slaves must reach the other end of the track and the one who does it first wins. During the race the women have to run as fast as they can, while not only avoiding traps and slugs, but also expecting betrayal from other slaves as they have full freedom of action. Even magic is allowed. It’s a common occurrence for racing slaves to be intentionally pushed into the traps or slugs, but if noticed, may damage the reputation of the racing slave. Unless, of course, that is the kind of reputation she and her master are intentionally working towards.

The master of the victorious slave receives a solid reward and as a bonus, the right to claim the slave who comes to the finish last as his own.

There are special enchanted spheres installed across the track. They record everything happening during the race and can be viewed live by slave masters, and even distributed via enchanted crystals afterwards for other citizens to watch.

The underworld slugs
It is fortunate that these monsters can’t survive on the surface as the direct sunlight is deadly to them. Their ability to breed and grow is astonishing, and their appetite is unquenchable. These slugs can move much faster than any other and have strong, flexible tentacles on the lower part of their bodies. With them they can grab, hold and pull victims much larger than themselves. Just one slug is often enough to slow down a humanoid female, and she has a very limited time to break free before more slugs arrive and completely overwhelm her.

Underworld slugs have a unique form of society, where the majority serves so called matriarchs. These matriarchs are a special kind of female slug, that can grow into immense monstrosities within just a few hours after birth. This is possible when they gain access to a large amount of food (all the rats are already eaten by the time the race begins). They are slow but also carnivorous, and require their lesser subjects to gather food for them. When a fully grown matriarch is around, male slugs try to capture any living creature and deliver it to the matriarch as a gift, so she can produce new eggs.

Male slugs can’t consume anything larger than rats, but they can use other creatures to extract food for themselves. That’s why during the race some women are not delivered to the matriarch, but are being pulled away from her, to the walls, where she can’t reach them. There male slugs inject their semen into the victim, impregnating her with unfertile eggs. These eggs hatch within minutes and can be consumed as food by other slugs.

Bonus round
Once the main race is over, all slave masters gather for a vote. The vote for the bonus game is aimed to decide the fate of those females who got caught by the slugs but were not fed to the matriarchs. If the majority of slave masters vote for the bonus round to happen, all slaves who just finished the race, except for the winner, are provided with a weapon of their choice, and are sent back into the track. Their objective now is to rescue as many captives as possibly by carving their way through the sea of slugs.
Underworld slugs breed fast, but they are extremely vulnerable to slashing weapons, that’s why even a slave with poor combat experience, but armed with a good blade, can easily kill dozens of slugs alone.
This round allows dwarves to enjoy some beautiful carnage, and to save some of the slaves who otherwise would be lost. Everybody wins!

When the race and bonus round are complete, the track has to be purged. For that dwarves install sacks with a flammable substance on the ceiling of the tunnels. When the mechanism triggers, the liquid is spilled. Just a small spark then turns the tunnel into an inferno, killing all slugs and those unfortunate slaves who were left behind.
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