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Gifts on nature
Gifts on nature
3rd Aug 2016, 6:38 PM in General setting information
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Different monsters use Senergy for different purposes. Some view it as nothing but nutrition and delicacy, others use it to trigger further development of their own organism and even for reproduction. That means that some monsters put more pressure on the victims’ bodies than others. Factors like size difference of penetrating organs or the ability to impregnate humanoids with eggs under normal conditions may lead to serious physical harm. Not to mention that some of these monsters live underwater or tend to swallow their victim whole, what could easily lead to suffocation and death. Pain and suffering of the victim serve no benefit to the P-type monsters, as they lead to stress and mental suffering, what in turn lowers or even stops Senerfliction. That’s why nature equipped P-type monsters with “Gifts of nature” – special mechanisms that allow monsters to forcefully adapt humanoid bodies to extreme conditions.

A Gift of nature is a side effect of Senerfliction which causes temporal mutation. It empowers certain aspects of the humanoid organism or in some cases even provides unique abilities. Gifts of nature serve the monsters to stimulate the victim to cooperate and to help them survive the sexual encounter itself. All P-type monsters without exceptions apply at least one Gift of nature. Some apply two or even more.

Gifts of nature are applied with Erogenium and typically end their effect when it is no longer provided. The most fascinating fact about Gifts of nature, is that in rare cases they remain active for longer than intended. Usually, the victim’s immunity system brings the organism into the original state after Senerfliction is over, purging any foreign elements and reverting any mutations. But in rare cases the presence of mutation is overlooked, and after lingering for a period of time, it may fully integrate into the organism, granting the effects of a specific Gift of nature permanently.

Gift of nature facts:
- It is possible to experience more than one gift of nature from the same monster encounter
- It is possible to have more than one permanent gift of nature effects at the same time
- Gifts of nature have no health-related negative sides-effects
- Different gifts of nature effects do not conflict with each other
- Alchemy allows creation of potions, elixirs, powders and pills which can duplicate effects similar of all known gifts of nature. Costs and difficulty of production varies
- There are no specific factors or conditions which can be manipulated to cause gifts of nature to become permanent. It is purely a matter of chance, with different Gift of nature having various percentages of success to become permanent. The percentages listed below represent a total sum of variables required for gift of nature to become permanent after a single encounter with a P-type monster or a full session with a group of monsters of the same species.

Known Gifts of nature:

- Invigoration - the most well spread gift of nature, which can be obtained from almost every P-type monster. Slightly improves overall physical state of the body and cures frigidness. Permanent effect greatly slows down aging and under certain conditions even stops it completely.

Chance of Permanent application - 3%

- Skin-breathing - This gift of nature is applied by monsters who tend to swallow their victims whole or drag into environment where the victim loses access of breathable air. This gift of nature enriches properties of the victim’s skin, allowing it to extract oxygen out of surrounding vapors and liquids and to feed blood bypassing lungs. People who possess this gift of nature can effortlessly swim underwater for hours with no need to emerge and gasp for air.

Chance of Permanent application - 5%

- Hyper-digestion - This gift of nature increases potency of the digestive system, making it able to destroy nearly 100% of all food they consume. It also boosts the resistance of owner’s body from being digested, giving a chance of survival in stomachs of carnivorous monsters who swallow their victims whole. Owners of this gift can eat much less often, as the food they consume provides much more calories and nutrients, and also no longer need to defecate. As a side note this gift also nullifies chances of stomach pains caused by spoiled food. Yes, owners of this gift can eat and digest rotten food and things that otherwise would be deemed inedible… if they manage to stand the terrible taste that is.

Chance of Permanent application - 5%

- Enhanced vision - This gift greatly improves owner’s eyesight by increasing natural sensitivity to dull light. Enhanced vision allows people to see in the dark as long as even the slightest source of light presents, such as moon light, night sky, candle light. The most ancient forests in the darkest hours of night can be traversed by a human with no torch or lamp if they possess this gift.

Chance of Permanent application - 10%

- Photosynthesis - This gift affects the skin and allows it to absorb light and generate calories from it similar to plants. The more of skin is exposed, the less food the owner would need to eat to feel fully satiated. Owners of this gift who choose to wear revealing clothes and spend a lot of time outdoors may as well forget what hunger is and to eat just for the sake of taste. This Gift of nature has an adaptive mechanism built into it - its effectiveness increases or decreases according to the owner’s feeding preference. If the owner keeps regularly consuming food, photosynthesis lowers its activity up to full stop and automatically reappears when owner experiences hunger.

Chance of Permanent application - 5%

- Wonder-throat - This Gift of nature dampens the puke reflex and improves the stretching possibility of one’s throat canal. Owners of such gift could put seemingly unfitting things into their throat without any discomfort or gag reflexes.

Chance of Permanent application - 20%

- Regeneration - This gift of nature greatly improves physical recovery of the owner’s body. It can heal wounds which can’t be healed without use of proper medicine or healing magic. Even though the regeneration of heavy wounds takes a long time, owners of this gift can actually re-grow lost limbs and damaged/missing organs, as long as they remain alive.

Chance of Permanent application - 5%

- Rubber belly - This gift of nature is only granted by monsters who use females for impregnation. It empowers organic tissue within the body and makes it significantly more stretchy. This allows women to withstand otherwise lethal impregnations with little to no pain or even discomfort.

Chance of Permanent application - 15%

- Recharging - This gift of nature greatly reduces the biological cool down between orgasms down to 20-30 seconds. Does not affect vigor or the amount of sexual liquid.

Chance of Permanent application - 10%

- Monstrous load - This unique gift of nature only applies to men. Increases the amount of produced and stores semen. Cumshots become several times more potent.

Chance of Lingering/Permanent application - 10%

- Armored skin – This extremely rare Gift of nature improves resistance of one’s skin to bruises, cuts and to temperature differences without affective its sensitivity and pattern. In other worlds the skin of the person doesn’t feel too much cold or heat, and resists weak forms of damage as if they wear clothes, without actually wearing any.
This Gift of nature is provided only by monsters who capture victims for prolonged periods of time and constantly expose them to environmental dangers.

Chance of Permanent application - 10%
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