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The Great collapse

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The Great collapse
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The history of Monstroniverse can be divided into two main periods - Before and after the Great collapse. This mysterious cataclysm happened twelve thousand years before the events of Monstroniverse adventures story. It affected the entire world, caused colossal devastation and led to countless casualties. Because of the colossal amount of time that passed since the event, it’s hard to say what the live before the cataclysm was like. Some monstrologists even blame it for the creation of monsters.

During and after
The Great collapse was nothing like any explainable cataclysm. There were no volcanic activities and no earthquakes prior to it, the changes were sudden. Historians and scientists are convinced that the Great collapse is responsible for deaths of 90% of humanoid population across all known lands, blaming half of the casualties on the initial effect of land transformation, and the rest on sudden appearance of large numbers of monsters.

For decades after the Great collapse occurred tales of thousands of witnesses were gathered and carefully studied. This gave future generations a chance to get a clear picture of what exactly happened during the cataclysm.

It all began from a sudden shimmer in the sky and the surrounding. Most witnesses described it as a series of light-blue flashes and sparks engulfing everything around them. These lights were harmless on their own and could be observed even indoors and underground, lasting for about 10 seconds.
Some witnesses claimed that they saw how exactly the light have been spreading - they described a colossal fast-moving wave, engulfing the land and the entire sky in a particular direction.

Shortly after the lights appeared the cataclysm itself began. Plants, creatures and monsters of previously unknown nature began materializing everywhere in great numbers.
In some areas also appeared previously non-existent bodies of land, from pebbles to entire mountains. The majority of casualties happened in these few seconds, when the newly materialized landmass trapped and crushed entire towns with all residents within. But unlike living creatures, who appeared everywhere, this effect occurred only in selected areas, following a certain topographic pattern.


In just mere seconds the entire world changed and became a much more hostile and dangerous place. Those who were lucky to survive the materialization of additional landmass had to escape claws, fangs and tentacles of monsters they have never encountered before. Civilizations of old ceased to exist.

Throughout the millennia’s the state of the world slowly stabilized. Humanoids managed to survive and to adapt to the new conditions. They got used to high concentration of monsters around them and learnt how to fight them, how to keep them at bay and even how to use them for their own needs. Global population already reaching the pre-collapse numbers and new powerful nations rose from the ashes.

Why and how
No one knows the reason why the Great collapse happened and what could be the source of such devastating effect. Throughout the history the greatest scientific minds crafted numerous theories about this riddle. Most of them assume that the event had magical nature and could even be artificial. This is supported by the existence of arcane spells that deal with space and reality manipulations. One would only need to find a way to cast such a spell at with an unlimited power at hand.
It was like the landmass and creatures have been teleported into the world from an unknown location, if not even a different dimension… but who could be responsible for this and most importantly how was this possible - remains one of the greatest mysteries of the world history.

Unsurprisingly an event of such magnitude gave birth to some exotic religious beliefs and prophesies, however most of them died out throughout the thousands of years, as nothing like this happened ever since.

The Lost era
While the Great collapse is blamed for the creation of monsters, it is impossible to say for sure if they didn’t exist before it. The items and records that could belong to the pre-Great collapsed era are exceptionally rare and highly valuable. But even the sum of what archeologists of the world have already managed to gather is not enough to paint a clear picture of what world was like. For that reason, the timeline before the Great collapse is now called The Lost era.

Still, let’s take a look at the information that is known to us about that distant age.
- The maps of the old world show a completely different landscape. South-Eastern part of Karandia for example used to lie on the bottom of the ocean, while there used to be a large body of land in the area of Ruby beads archipelagos. Such drastic changes touched every continent of the world.

- Magic existed already pre-cataclysm. Ancient scrolls with unique spells of the Lost era are carefully preserved in the most respectable magic schools around the world.

There is no trustworthy information if the monsters existed prior to cataclysm or not. One stone tablet showing a glowslimer offering some king of gift to humanoid women have been unearthed three thousand years ago in Principalities. However there are enough skeptics who don’t believe that it was made before the collapse, and that what is shown on it could simply be a symbolic representation of the Gifts of nature.

- There is a strong suspicion among modern geologist that the cataclysm also affected the weather. In the old world winters played a much bigger part of the year circle. Nowadays snow only falls out in Northern and central parts of Karandia for only two week during the year, but before the cataclysm it used to hold for more than two months. This information came from an ancient calendar found in the buried city near Kraf empire.


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