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10th May 2017, 8:03 AM in Races
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General information
Ogres are care-free and simple creatures. Sleeping, eating, fucking, hunting and fighting – everything a self-respecting ogre needs in life. And the more of each - the better! Thanks to this mentality, ogres are very easy to deal with. Provide them with entertainment, food and fun activities and they would serve you gladly. They are very often hired as bodyguards, bruisers, hunters and gladiators. But this is also the reason of many ogres going outlaw, joining criminal gangs and pirate crews. Ogres even manage to find common ground with goblins, as many join their tribes as guards in exchange for food and fun time with their captives.

Ogres have no nations or cities of their own, as forming one would mean that some ogre would have to take responsibilities of leadership and politics. No ogre would dare trying something as fun-killing as that. Most ogres prefer to live in the Southern regions of Karandia, on the islands and within large cities, where their strength offers them wide variety of opportunities.

- Ogres are massive, heavy and relatively slow creatures, but also immensely strong and resilient.
- By the green skin color and pronounced lower tasks, ogres are often considered as relatives of orcs. However, the lower tasks are their actual teeth and the fact that ogres can’t breed with orcs, puts that theory under question.
- Ogres are fast-shooters. They rarely last longer than 2 minutes during sex, however this fact doesn’t seem to bother them in the slightest. This is easily compensated by a very short reload time. An ogre is often ready to go again after just 1 minute of rest, and this cycle can repeat up to a dozen of times in row.

Ogres can only have children among each other, however their gender representation is very unbalanced. Female ogres are met rarely, and it is believed that there the ratio is 1 female to 5 males. Because of this, ogres are a very low populated race.
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