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General information
All dryads could be easily separated into two categories. One consists of those who prefer to live alone or in small groups in the wilds, limiting or even cutting off contacts with civilized world. The other half happily integrates into societies of other races, fully adapting to their culture and traditions.
There never was and never will be a dryad-centered civilization, because this race simply can’t exist on its own, due to the strange fact that male dryads do not exist.

- All dryads are very tall, with average height varying from 180 to 220 cm. They always have bright colorful hair, with their finger nails and lips naturally mimicking the hair color tone.

- The most important feature that distinguishes dryads from other races is composition of their eyes. The iris on a dryad’s eye has no pupil and functions entirely relying on a natural spell True sight, which is active at all times.
This has benefits and downsides. Dryads’ eyesight is always clean and precise, with excellent level of depth perception. It also allows them to see perfectly in the pitch darkness, in which their eyes produce a subtle glow of its own.
However, if the dryad’s Energy pool gets dangerously close to being empty, she’d lose the ability to see until a certain minimum of energy is restored.

Because male dryads do not exist, in order to procreate, dryads have to mate with males of other humanoid races, such as humans, elves, orcs and fairies. They can’t get pregnant from goblins, dwarves, trolls, ogres or yeti.
There is a very low percent of successful pregnancy for dryads, no matter who they have sex with. And when a dryad becomes pregnant, there is a 60% chance that the child will belong to the race of the father, and only 40% that it will be a dryad. But in both cases dryads only give birth to girls and only to one at a time.
A dryad child may gain some of the physical features of the father, specific to his race - long, pointy ears from elves, greenish skin tone from orcs, purple skin tone from fairies. These features do not pass to the next generations.
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