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General information
There are many types of elven races in Monstroniverse, but only representatives of 3 of them are widely spread in Karandia. Light, Dark and Wood elves can be easily distinguished from each other by the way they look and it could be enough to view them as individual races. However, there are some common traits and dynamics shared by these 3 races, unique only among elves.

Both Light and Dark elves are often viewed as highly arrogant and self-centered individuals, however it is not always true. The myth about these two races hating each other is also highly exaggerated.
Wood elves are a unique elven race with a very distinct behavior, dictated by their lowered sense of fear and panic before potential or obvious threats. While some would say these are positive traits, reality shows that of all surface dwelling races Wood elves hold the leading position of being victims of predators and P-type monsters.
Very high percent of wood elves become adventurers, explorers and mercenaries and often get themselves into trouble due to greed, curiosity and misjudgment of dangers.

Shared physiology
- All elves without exceptions have potent energy pool from birth, that’s why they have a potential to learn to use magic from very early age.
Similar to fairies and dryads, strong connection to magic grants elves an in-born blood infusion. After their bodies reach maturity, the aging process slows down and under some conditions even stops completely.
All elves possess one natural spell - Night-vision. This spell is active at all times and allows elves to see even when no light source presents. The only time when this spell stops working is when the elf’s Energy pool is emptied. But unlike the dryads, elves don’t lose sight when that happens. Their eyes have the same physiological structure to humans.

- Despite having a very similar complexion to humans, elves are generally physically weaker. That’s why in order to reach similar physical strength of an average human, elves have to perform comparable more physical training. However, they also lose form slower than humans, what in a way compensates previous disadvantage.

- There are certain P-type monsters who hunt elves specifically and no other humanoid race. The reason is not yet properly researched.

Unique physiology
Light elves
They can be easily recognized by light tone of their skin, which is highly resistant to sunlight and barely gains any tan, and by the shape of their ears - long, elegant and thin.
While majority of light elves have light hair, darker tones of brown and black can also be met.
There are very few variations of eye color for light elves - light blue, light brown, silver, white and light green.
Light elves are comparably short, with average height ranging from 160 to 180 cm for both men and women. But exceptions exist.

Dark elves
Dark elves have dark grey or even near-black, colorless skin, completely unaffected by the sunlight.
Hair color options are very limited - white, grey, black, and sometimes dark, rarely bright tones of red.
The colorlessness of skin and hair is fully compensated by the beauty of their eyes, which may come in every color of the rainbow, often in very bright tones. The eye glow and the effect from the Night-vision natural spell is the strongest among all elves.
Their average height is even lower than of light elves - rarely a dark elf grows higher than 175 cm tall.

Wood elf
This elven race differs greatly from those already discussed, but not in the way they look, rather the way they behave. The brain of a wood elf functions differently, with the section answering for fear and self-preservation being severely under-developed.
Their skin tone is similar to humans, able to get tan.
Hair colors of Wood elf majority also matches humans, but also may have wide range of pink, blue, green tones.
Eyes can have all colors of a rainbow, but unlike dark elves, but not as radiant.
Of the three major elven races Wood elves are usually the tallest.

Elves can only impregnate and become pregnant by mating with races with in-born blood infusion - other elves, fairies and dryads. Sex with any other humanoid race would have no result whatsoever, even with human or orc mages who’ve gained blood infusion through training.

When a Dark elf mates with a Light elf, their children have equal chance to be of either of these races.
Wood elves can be born from other elves, but the percentages are different. When a wood elf mates with either dark or light elf, the chance of the baby being a wood elf is significantly higher, around 80%.

When any of the elves mate with fairies or dryads, the percentages are equal between all three elven races. (See articles about Dryads and Fairies for the numbers and specific details)
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