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Everything you need to know about Monstroniverse (18+)
10th May 2017, 8:03 AM in Races
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General information
Forming the majority of population of some of the largest nations like Kraf, Principalities and Dornia, it may wrongfully seem that humans are the most populated race of Karandia. In reality they share this position with elves, who have successfully assimilated among most nations, and orcs of the North.
Not to mention goblins who beat every surface-dwelling race with their numbers combined.

In their diverse mentalities, aspirations and habits humans of Karandia differ little from me and you, dear reader. Due to more ecologically pure conditions of Monstroniverse, the life span of an average human may easily exceed a century. And of course can be prolonged even more via the blood infusion effect.

- Humans come in vast combination of traditional hair and skin colors, but it’s also not uncommon to meet humans with unusual tones of hair such as blue, red, pink, purple and green. This may happen when the child inherits some features of a dryad or fairy parent. However, such features have no effect on their life and do not pass to the following generations. And because of that humans possessing them can’t be labeled as half-breeds.

- The absolute majority of humans are born with dormant Energy pool, but through special training can expand it and to learn magic.
can expand it and to learn magic.
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