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Senergy is a mysterious type of energy, produced by humanoid body during sexual interaction with a P-type monster. The instinctive drive to seek and collect Senergy is natural to all P-type monsters, and serves as the main distinguishing factor that makes them stand out among the rest of flora and fauna. To P-type monsters Senergy serves as an alluring, irresistible drug. To some even more than that - an alternative form of nutrition, or even as a necessary component for reproduction and physiological development processes.

Directly tied to life-force, Senergy is born from strong sexual tension and physical satisfaction during contact with a toxin called ‘Erogenium’. Erogenium is produced by P-type monster organism and is stored in its bodily fluids throughout its entire life.
Even a brief physical contact of P-type monster’s fluids with the exposed skin of a humanoid is enough to trigger ‘Senerfliction’ - the process of Senergy build-up. Senerfliction lasts only for as long as Erogenium is provided to the body. Once Erogenium is no longer provided, the humanoid body stops producing Senergy and returns it to normal state.
Humanoids can’t produce Senergy by themselves without Erogenium. The only exception from this rule belongs to those afflicted by the Succubi curse, who produce their own version of Erogenium.

Senergy tracking

In their Senergy hunts most P-type monsters rely on special Senergy tracking abilities. There are two types:
- ‘Senergy vision’ allows the monster to see auras of fitting humanoids from a certain distance. Simple version of this sense shows aura only during direct visual contact. Stronger version allows the monster to see the aura even through solid physical objects.
- ‘Senergy sense’ allows the monster to feel the presence of a fitting humanoid within certain radius, increasing in intensity as distance shortens. This sense doesn’t point the monster in exact direction of the potential prey, but gives the monster awareness about their presence and heightens its senses.

It is unknown how exactly Senergy tracking works, as Senergy itself doesn’t present within humanoid body before Erogenium is applied. By itself Senergy has no related to magic, doesn’t obey any of its laws and can’t be dispelled. However, Senergy tracking abilities function as passive natural spells.

Monstrologists try to explain this phenomenon through so called ‘Theory of senergetic expectancy’. In short, this theory states that life-force of every creature has a certain pattern or flavor, which is formed from the sum of physiological attributes, physical and mental condition, level of maturity, and even to a degree, personality of the potential prey. Senergy tracking targets all sources of life-force, analyzes and breaks them down. Each monster species has its own preferences. Most target exclusively humanoid females. Some even go further and require the victim to be of a specific race. Senergy tracking of each individual P-type monster prioritizes specific attributes and triggers only when the living creature within the tracking radius fits as a potential source of Senergy.
Senergy tracking sense has an astonishing accuracy rate and never gives incorrect information.

After countless dissections of monsters and studies of their remains, Monstrologists came to a conclusion that the organic sensors responsible for Senergy tracking are situated within the brain.
The ability to break down and detect patterns and flavors of one’s life-force is unique to P-type monsters. The very concept is simply incomprehensible for humanoid brain. That’s why spells which could potentially replicate the ability of Senergy tracking don’t exist (In theory it is possible that they exist in elemental dreams, but would simply have no effect on the caster who attempts to use them).
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