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Curse - Succubi
Curse - Succubi
8th Oct 2016, 7:03 PM in Magic and curses
Author Notes:

A relatively young curse created somewhere within Ik’sumar region around three thousand years ago, it has almost non-existent folklore presence. This is explained by the difficulty to distinguish a Succubi from a nymphomaniac. Both possess an insatiable sex drive and pursue it endlessly with both humanoids and monsters. The difference is that nymphomaniacs do it for fun and pleasure, while Succubi have to do it to survive.

Succubi curse causes significant internal and external changes in the humanoid body. The most important of them is the ability to produce Erogenium and consume Senergy, similar to P-type monsters. Erogenium produced by the Succubi differs from the one created by monsters, being a weaker version. It is also stored and spread via fluids, but it triggers Senerfliction only in the body of a partner and doesn’t provide any Gifts of nature.
Senergy produced during sex is what Succubi curse feeds upon. The body of the afflicted gains a physical dependency on it and requires constant feeding. Because the Senerfliction created by the Succubi curse only occurs within the body of a partner, the carrier of the curse can’t produce any Senergy by pleasing themselves. Also frequent sex with the same partner has a diminishing effect on the potency of Senerfliction with every new session. That’s why Succubi are required to constantly seek new partners, or at least to cycle through several to keep themselves sustained.

Sex with P-type monsters works, but at a lower effectiveness than with humanoids. This is explained by the fact that during sex with other humanoids, Succubi consumes 100% of Senergy, while monsters compete for Senergy and intercept a significant portion of it.
Similarly, sex between two Succubi results in both causing Senerfliction and sharing the Senergy between each other.

The Succubi curse forces a person to become an active seeker of sex, and similar to vampirism comes with benefits that help the carrier to get what they need easier. Most of the benefits provided by this curse are aimed at increased attraction of potential partners and stimulation of their sexual desires.
In case of Succubi, benefits are expressed in increased vigor, stamina and overall health improvement. The curse also changes the chemical consistency of sweat produced by the humanoid, giving it the ability to serve as a weak pheromone, which gets stronger the longer Succubi starves for Senergy. This pheromone is highly selective and matches the psychological preference of the carrier of the curse, either affecting representatives of both genders or just one.

Those who get afflicted by the curse may notice significant changes of their body proportions. Women gain pronounced curvature and grow larger bust and butt. While men gain more pronounced musculature and increased length and size of their genitals. This process takes place shortly after getting afflicted by the curse, and may occur even in older age. In fact, getting afflicted by a Succubi curse causes reversion of some of the signs of aging. In other words – it partially returns youth.

Similar to other curses, the only way to get infected by it is to receive the blood of the afflicted into one’s bloodstream. However, unlike other curses, if this happens, the chance of getting the curse is near 100%.

Succubi curse is in a way more forgiving to those who don’t satiate it with the required nutrition. A week without sex may cause significant drop of mood, cause nervousness, loss of appetite and depression. Two weeks without sex result in feverish coma, during which the immunity system confronts the affliction in a deadly fight. In 70% of cases the carrier of the curse would never wake up and does within following month. But in the other 30% immunity system completely removes the curse from the body.
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