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Curse - Vampirism
Curse - Vampirism
8th Oct 2016, 7:03 PM in Magic and curses
Author Notes:

One of the most famous curses, known among general public from countless stories and novels, which rarely portray it in realistic way. Real vampires are not undead, they are not affected by garlic, they can and should eat normal food, they can enter a house uninvited and of course they do not burn to ash when exposed to the sun. However, folklore captures some things right - the appearance of a vampire and the lust for blood.
Curse of vampirism affects skin pigmentation, turning the tone pale and resistant to tan. This effect completely disables Photosynthesis gift of nature. All other gifts of nature work alongside vampirism, except that hyper-digestion has no effect on lust for blood.
Lust for blood is the signature feature of vampirism. Once in a while the vampire needs to drink a portion of fresh blood. Be it from animals or humanoids - matters little. Blood from humanoids and especially from represents of the same race satiates the vampire for much longer period of time. The interval between feeding may be from one day to a week, depending on quality and amount of blood consumed previously.
If the deadline is not met and the vampire doesn’t drink blood for longer than a week, they would begin experiencing weakness, internal pain and hallucinations. An extremely long period without blood intensifies these symptoms and ends in lethargy and death.

As any curse, vampirism has some positive effects on the body. One of the most important of them is the immunity to most poisons and toxins of non-magic origin. This is caused by the fact that the vampire produces their own poison, which can be injected through the bite of their fangs. Fangs of a vampire are longer, stronger and sharper than of a normal person. The poison they carry causes numbness and paralysis. It is so strong in fact, that it can be used even against monsters. But the supply of it is small and it can’t be extracted for any other use. Its composition breaks down upon contact with air.
Vampires also have slightly increased physical strength, tenacity and agility. Vampires of races without enhanced vision see much better in the dark, although this effect is still less effective as Night-vision Gift of nature.

Vampires can sustain themselves by drinking blood of other vampires or of the same person or creature several times in row.
To infect someone the vampire has to add their own blood into the bloodstream of the victim. The bite is not necessary. However, there is always a strong chance that the victim’s immunity system would destroy the corrupted blood before the curse takes root.

Origin of the curse
Arguably, vampirism is the most ancient curse, as it is mentioned in ancient documents of second and third millennia’s post-Great collapse. Concrete location and circumstances of its creation are unknown. Very well studied throughout the history, the common consensus states that vampirism has a direct connection to Death magic. When a vampire drinks fresh blood, it’s not the biological substance that they need, it’s the life-force that resides in blood of every creature. The lust for blood is similar to the Energy pool corruption caused by dead energy. But while dead energy feeds on any life force, be it of other creatures or the owner, vampirism demands foreign life-force.
Knowing this, it is possible to use spells of death magic and siphon life force from living creatures without the need of drinking the blood. However, death magic is a rare and difficult skill to master, that’s why majority of vampires have to use the more traditional method.

Interestingly enough, being afflicted by vampirism and by dead energy are two separate things. A person may have only one of these afflictions or both at the same time, with each effect functioning individually.
The most popular theory regarding the reasons for vampirism creation is based on similarity between dead energy and blood lust. Perhaps a failed experiment of either curing or amplifying the dead energy led to its transformation from ethereal type of affliction into pure biological one.

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