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Classification of monsters

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Classification of monsters
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The nature of Monstroniverse is ever-changing and adapts to anything humanoids do. Predators are a special kind of monsters who have a special taste for humanoid flesh. As if being the nature’s method of population control, monster predators always grow in numbers within nations with higher populations.
From the Great collapse to present day many nations attempted to exterminate predators in their lands. But the best they could do was to cull the numbers for a time or cause migrations, which in the long run only caused even more troubles. When one predator leaves, another appears. A hunting ground never remains empty.
Wherever you are and wherever you go, in Monstroniverse dangerous monsters and beasts will always be around. Humanoids learn about them and accept their existence from the young age. The threat of being hunted and eaten outside or even inside of your own home, is simply accepted as the fact of life.

It is important to know that not all dangerous creatures carry the label of ‘monsters’. The difference between predator monsters and ferocious beasts may sometimes seem vogue. In their classification Monstrologists rely on different factors, such as exceptional preference of humanoid flesh over other creatures and the obedience to the Night-rule.

Perverted type (P-type)

There is a surprising number of creatures who have a special, non-lethal interest in humanoids. P-type monsters are biologically designed to hunt and sexually exploit humanoids of either both or specific gender for their own needs. The main driving reason for such behavior lies in a special Senerge that these monsters feed on, and which can only be extracted from humanoids during sex and especially during orgasms.
The very existence of P-type monsters puzzles Monstrologists. To some they represent a strange, twisted gratitude of nature to humanoids. Mainly because P-type monsters serve as the sources or so called Gifts of nature – powerful boons to health, and even entirely unique abilities obtained from encountering these monsters.

Threat levels
E - Monsters with this threat level are unable or simply never choose to harm humanoids by themselves, but their actions may sometimes result in the humanoid falling prey to other monsters, animals or environmental threats.

D - This threat level is often given to monsters who are more than capable of causing injury to humanoids through their own actions or via exposing them to other sources of danger, but only in very specific situations or within very specific environments.

C - Such monsters can pose real danger to health and life of humanoids, but usually have easily exploitable weaknesses.

B - This threat level belongs to more aggressive and dangerous monsters, who have some kind of physical limitations or exploitable weaknesses, which, however, should be used cleverly.

A - Such monsters are extremely dangerous or aggressive, in most cases having a natural advantage over humanoids due to size, strength or special abilities. Defeating such monsters or avoiding encounters with them is a very difficult task.

S – In the deepest, darkest places of the world dwell creatures too terrible and too powerful for humanoids to challenge. The highest threat level is not given out lightly. Monsters carrying it are few in numbers and are very poorly studied, some still don’t even have official names. But the influence of such monster is so significant, that a mere presence of a single species in an area renders it uninhabitable. Potentially lost forever. They don't have any exploitable weaknesses, they’re exceptionally powerful and never follow the Night-rule. Should be avoided at all costs.