GLRP progress report. Last update 14.1.22.
by Darksh1ne
The final stage of Grand lore revision project will continue in 2022. I'm slowly working on the Monstrology section of the lore. Throughout the following months there will be a lot of changes in every monster-related article. To know which are changed and which are the subject to change - articles presented as a single PNG (with text being a part of the image) are the old acrticles that will be changed.
New ones are presented by an image of the creature and the text part being in the 'Author's note" below.

Latest updates:

- Brunt 
Pale watcher 
Plummeter vine 
Rain grabber 
- Reedler 
- River tongue 
Rock berry 
- Sklug 
- Sucker-eel 

The lore archive -

Hello! Here is some important info before you go further to explore the lore of Monstroniverse!
In start of 2021 I've launched the Grand lore reviosion project (GLRP), in which I am reworking/editing and perfecting ALL existing lore articles and adding some new ones. You can learn about the reasons and goals of this project here -

The GLRP progress is done in stages. Stages 1 -4 are fully completed, you can read the report here:
Stage 1 -
Stage 2 -
Stage 3 (Finished 14.5.21) -
Stage 4 (Finished 25.6.21) -

This means that articles in the categories "General setting information", "Magic and curses", "Geography and nations", "Races" and "Historical events" are already updated, while the rest are still in progress.