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Darksh1ne 11th Jan 2022, 9:52 AM edit delete
Type – P
Threat – E
Gifts of nature – Age-lock, Photosynthesis

General information and physiology
Rapevine is a very simple plant monster. The Core has a round shape and can grow to a size of approximately fifty-sixty centimeters in diameter. It is usually situated close to the surface with only the tip poking out from the ground.
From its bottom Core sprouts numerous roots that seep deep into the soil.
From its sides spawn up to a dozen of long, strong, stretchy vines, which spread in all directions and emerge to the surface. These are called Grabbing vines and they serve as the monster’ limbs and sensors.
Inside the Core are hidden several vines of a different type - Raping vines. Tips of these vines are adorned with smooth bulges for effective Senergy extraction. Raping vines remain hidden inside the Core at all times and emerge only to perform their one and only role.
Finally, inside the lower part of the core is situated a special gland connected to the Raping vines, which slowly produces and stores nectar.

While the Core serves as the main body of the monster, Grabbing vines are the most fascinating part of it. Each vine possesses unique sensitivity to weather and movement of air. Used to mimic the sway caused by the wind, or to remain perfectly still when needed, the monster easily blends into the surroundings, especially within tall foliage. Grabbing vines can also sense Senergy within three-meter radius.
Cutting off vines or roots does not bring much discomfort to the monster. For as long as the Core remains undamaged, it can slowly regrow missing parts back.

Area of habitat and diet
Rapevine is the most wide-spread P-type plant monster and can be met in any environment, even on tops of rocky mountains, in the sands of scorching deserts and even in the deeper parts of the Underworld.
Interestingly enough, temperature and climate seem to have little effect on the population of Rapevines, but these factors do affect the overall size of the monster. Rapevines that live in warmer parts of the continent grow much larger Cores and have stronger and thicker vines.

Rapevine possesses strong photosynthesis and has powerful root system. The plant does not need both sources to sustain itself at the same time – it can survive in the darkest corners of the Underworld without seeing a single spark of sunlight only relying on nutrients from the soil. Or it can grow within a pile of dry rocks and live off sunlight alone. This is the key to Rapevine’s outstanding survivability.

Reproduction method
Eventually, when roots of one Rapevine grow too far from the Core, another Core is formed by itself. During first several months, depending on conditions, the new Core has no active vines and looks like a simple tuber. When the time comes and the vines begin to grow, the root connecting the old and new Cores shutters, separating the two beings.
A single Rapevine can spawn more than one young Cores at the same time, and the process accelerates with access to Senergy.

Hunting method
Despite having the word “Rape” in its name, Rapevine is perhaps the least aggressive offender when it comes to initiation of the assault. One could even argue that it adds a twisted form of consent into the act of Senergy hunting.

Whenever a potential victim steps into the reach of Grabbing vines, they don’t lash out, as any other P-type monster would. Instead, they move slowly and carefully at firsts, only surround the victim and gently wrapping around her. This period lasts for about four-five seconds and can be used by the potential victim to gain distance and avoid the encounter. If the victim is quick enough, the monster does not prevent her from escaping.

However, once these first seconds pass, Grabbing vines forcefully catch the victim and immobilize her, removing as much clothes as they can before beginning stimulation of sensitive areas. When the victim is effectively bound in place, Raping vines emerge from within the Core and invade the exposed holes between the woman’s legs. Sometimes mouth as well. During the intense penetration and movement, bulges on top of the Raping vines send strong arousing signals into the victim’s nerve system.
Rapevine holds the victim tight until at least one orgasm is experienced by her. After that the Grabbing vines loosen the grip, giving the victim a chance to escape. If she wouldn’t, the monster may go for another round. With each consecutive orgasm the bonds get weaker.
The monster can experience orgasms of its own and produces a large amount of sweet nectar through the Raping vines when it happens. The amount of nectar is limited and it usually runs out after a couple of orgasms.

Some monstrologists explain the unusual behavior in the beginning of the assault as a form of self-protection. Rapevine has no self-defense mechanisms. Its vines are strong enough to bound the victim when they work together, but that would not be enough to fight back from a real attack.
That’s why monstrologists suspect that the slow movements in the beginning of an assault, combined with the sweet nectar produced by the Raping vines serve the monster to avoid possible retaliation from either the victim or any potential companions. This is a truly unique behavior for a P-type monster.

Usefulness to humanoids
The nectar, produced by the monster during sexual energy extractions is considered a delicacy and is actively harvested in several nations of the world. It can be consumed on its own or used as a component for other beverages. The plant itself is not eatable at all and has no other values.
In every nation where the Rapevine’s nectar is gathered and sold on the market, for obvious reasons, it is never named after the monster who produced it. For example, in Ik’sumar it is called “Semirr”, in Avora “Ilimra”, in Principalities “Herbal nectar” and in Tamir “Cuma juice”.
Darksh1ne 11th Jan 2022, 9:52 AM edit delete

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StLOrca 17th May 2019, 11:16 PM edit delete reply
So in order to rescue you, they heard it through the rape-vine.”

I’ll see myself out.
jamie59 18th May 2019, 1:05 AM edit delete reply
The gifts look to be a big incentive for a girl to be a victim.
Darksh1ne 18th May 2019, 6:21 AM edit delete reply
Like with almost every P-type monster ^^
jamie59 18th May 2019, 12:29 PM edit delete reply
But there seams no down side other than sexual penetration. Unlike a lot of P-types. I could even see the cultivation of Slut Fields with these. Which would be popular with some girls.
jerard 5th Jun 2020, 5:49 AM edit delete reply
Yes many seem to have no down side and some it is just being transported somewhere you didn't plan on and being naked and maybe exhausted. Though naked and exhausted could be quite deadly especially if you are alone because you got taken off somewhere.
Darksh1ne 5th Jun 2020, 6:54 AM edit delete reply
Yep, that's why despite the monster itself not doing anything harmful to the victim, it still has a minor threat level. The threat coming from other creatures