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Type – P
Threat – E
Gifts of nature – Age-lock, Rubber belly

General information and physiology
In the academic world of monstrology this creature is known as El’stina, “Singer” in ancient Avoran. However common folk calls them simply Perreks. Slightly larger than dogs these are weak, peaceful creatures. Their strange vertically oriented jaws help them to consume large amount of grass in minimal time. Perreks prefer to avoid any conflicts by either running away or fooling the predators using their unique sound-based abilities.
Among P-type monsters Perreks are considered highly intelligent. They have a very good memory and can easily recognize individual creatures and humanoids they meet during their lifetime. If creatures they have once met never demonstrated any signs of aggression, Perreks would tolerate their presence and sometimes even involve them into their games, like chase or hide and seek. Sound manipulation is the most notorious ability of Perreks. They use it not only for games, but as a means of protection. They can scare off predators who roam into their territory by reproducing roars and growls of larger beasts and monsters.
Both male and female Perreks have their reproductive organs hidden within their tails.
Perreks are among few P-type monsters who have no Senergy. While hunting for humanoid females they rely on luck and their sound manipulation skills.

Area of habitat and diet
Perreks dwell in prairies, mixed forests and swamps on Northern and central regions of Karandia. They form packs up to a couple of dozen heads with strict hierarchy and discipline. As a rule, their population is significantly higher in the areas around humanoid settlements. They’re omnivorous, leaning stronger into vegetarianism. Grass, leaves, berries and large insects are their main diet. But an occasional mouse or small bird also work for a snack.

Reproduction method
Perreks lay eggs twice a year. For one week during Autumn and Spring all Perreks around the world enter a mating state. The mating period may begin randomly during these seasons, so it’s impossible to predict the exact date.
During this time male Perreks seek females to impregnate with an almost insane determination. But there is a problem – Perreks suffer from a huge gender imbalance, where for every ten males, only one female is born. Only a few male pack members get a chance to impregnate the available Perrek females. The honor usually belongs to the pack leader and his closest followers. Since impregnated Perrek females lay eggs only a month later, long after the mating state is worn out, the rest of the male pack members have to find a different way to reproduce. And so it happened that nature gave them a solution.

Hunting method
In the heat of the mating period, Perreks would seek females to impregnate, even if they belong to entirely different species. And among those species humanoid females hold the highest priority. During mating season Perrek tribes approach settlements dangerously close and hide on the outskirts, waiting for fitting females to appear.
The Perrek's ability to manipulate sound is incredibly advanced, but only during the mating period can they produce a very specific sound. A low, hardly noticeable sound, which causes no effect on animals, males, elderly and children, but causes a reaction on fertile humanoid females.
Perreks use this unique sound to lure humanoid females away from the settlement. It doesn’t always work, and it fails most of the time on women indoors or on those who realizes what is happening and intentionally focuses their attention away from the hypnotic effect of the call. Easily impressible, inexperienced or tired females are the most common victims of this sound, and the closer they approach its source, the stronger the effect gets.
Once Perreks lure the prey far enough from the settlement, they undress her as much as they can and lay her down on the ground. When Perreks stop producing the sound and when the victim comes back to her senses, she’s already pinned down by several monsters while one of them climbs on top of her, ready to use its tail.
The lucky Perrek attaches its tail to the female’s vagina, locking it in place with help of the sticky folds that peel back from the tails tip. Once the tail is attached, the perrek’s penis, already fully erect from anticipation, begins shooting in and out from within the tail canal with the help of special muscles. To the woman it feels like an intense sex act, but if you would look at this from the side, the Perrek remains still, being fully focused on the act. Upon reaching orgasm and injecting his semen into the victim, the Perrek detaches his tail from her and joins other spectators, allowing another Perrek to take his place.
Depending on the number of Perreks in the pack and the number of females captured, the a single female may receive from several to dozens of Perrek loads into her. Unlike impregnated female Perreks, who carry the eggs inside of them until they are fully developed for more than a month, captured humanoid females experience things at a tremendously faster rate. Once the humanoid female is impregnated, her Senergy boosts the formation and growth of the eggs. First portion of eggs, formed out of semen of the first Perrek who impregnated her, is ready to pop out even before the last Perrek of the tribe leys its tail on the woman.

Because the semen begins to turn into eggs at such a high speed, the victim’s belly often grows to a dangerously huge size, rendering her unable to move. The semi-developed eggs are squeezed out by newly formed eggs, and are gathered by Perreks. The monsters would carry these eggs inside their own tails, where the eggs complete their development during next few weeks and would hatch at approximately the same time as those produced by female Perreks. The humanoid females, who were used as source of eggs are simply left alone when all eggs are gathered.

Usefulness to humanoids
Perrek meat is eatable and its taste can be compared to fatless pork. This fact alone makes perrek a highly desired prey for hunters.
Leather manufactured from Perrek skin also has a high demand on the market due to its good stretchiness and soft surface. It is usually used for adventurers’ equipment and for cheap casual clothing.
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Perreks fan art from Reind33rViking and drawn by Sanvaste

Perrek vs the Red fan art from Reind33rViking and drawn by Fumeiji

Perrek got another one