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General information and physiology
This heavy, large, slow creature can be found in forests and plains of Middle and Northern parts of Karandia continent. Reinforced with thick, chitin armor on its back, this creature knows few natural enemies and only eats grass and dry branches. It doesn’t actively seek conflict, but may attack anyone who approaches too close without hesitation.
Usually these creature live alone, rarely forming groups of up to four adults in areas where the population of large predators is high.

Reproduction method
Armacus (Both single and plural form) are viviparous and always give birth to only one child at a time. They dedicate years on raising and protecting the young before it is able to live on its own.

Interaction with humanoids
Most people tend to avoid dealing with Armacus, and only highly experienced hunters dare to challenge them for their delicious meat and highly valuable chitin armor. These armor plates can be used in blacksmithing to reinforce qualities of various metals, as well as in alchemy and enchanting as reagents. During their lifetime Armacus do not ever change their plates, that's why by the look at them one can read the personality of the owner. Those with numerous scratches and notches are most likely aggressive fighters (or just unlucky), while those who are covered in moss probably prefer to avoid fighting, run away and hide from enemies.