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General information
Similar to trolls, yeti balance at the edge of being labeled as a humanoid or an animal. But unlike in case of trolls, yeti provided history with no positive examples of high social skills. Because of their physiology, yeti can’t stand high temperatures and can only be met in the Northern wilds and mountains of Karandia where they live as large families, forming their own isolated societies, hostile to any outsiders.
Yeti are omnivorous but because of their slow, lumbering physique, have little success in active hunting. Instead they mostly rely on foraging, trapping and fishing.
Yeti are rightfully considered as the most hated humanoid race in Karandia. They often kidnap people who trespass into their vast territories and never let them go. Men go straight to the pot, while women are turned into sex slaves, who live only for as long as they’re ‘enjoyable’ to the yetis, and who can be used as an emergency food supply if all other food goes out.

- Yeti are covered in thick fur of white, gray or brown colors.
- They have more or less human-like hands and feet, just with 4 fingers.
- Tall, heavy and very physically strong, yeti’s height may reach up to 250 centimeters.
- They are the least intelligent race of Karandia. However, they can use tools and weapons, cook food and build fortifications.

Similar to trolls yeti can only procreate among each other. There is usually no shortage of potential partners within each tribe but yeti show a surprising restraint and planning when it comes to the creation of youth. The main factor in such decisions plays access to enough food, required to feed the new mouths.